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Tropical Weather (Update: Stars at Night)

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2011 at 5:37 AM
Updated: 30th Oct 2011 at 8:26 AM - wrong file

October 29 2011 -- Update
Updated to include stars. Thanks to everyone who mentioned that they had vanished

If you would like to package this lighting mod in your world, go on and do it!
Don't bother yourself with crediting me either, it's all yours now!


This mod will produce a more tropical lighting and weather atmosphere for all EA and Custom worlds.

The weather here in Hawaii tends to have more fog and mist in the air (especially on the countryside), and I wanted to mimic that in a world I've been creating. In-game, any mountains or lakes off in the distance will be shrouded in a nice fog that adds depth and realism to the scene. In addition to a foggier atmosphere, the mod also changes the light source from white to a flame/yellow hue which makes the sun appear brighter over the land. The cloud and sky colors have also been enhanced to show greater contrast and brightness, and a greater mixture of colors in the sky at noon and mid-time.

Before and After
Clear Skies
7:46 AM
(World Pictured is Sunset Valley)

Sun rises at 8am and sets at 6pm, allowing for longer evenings and sunrises

1.) Flame-Colored Lighting (Game Default is White)
2.) Dark Blue Nights (Game Default is Bright Purple?)
3.) Turquoise Water (Game Default is Dark Blue)
4.) Golden Sunrises (Game Default is Purple)
5.) Pink, Purple, Blue Sunsets (Game Default is Pink)
6.) Cloudier Skies (Game Default Changes Weather Slowly)
7.) Foggy Distant Terrain (Game Default does not Vignette Distance)
8.) Multiple Cloud Colors (Game Default has Uniform Cloud Color)

Taken at Approximately 8am(Weather: Clear)

(Weather: Clear Transitioning to Stormy)

Taken at Approximately 10am(Weather: Clear)

(Weather: Overcast)

(Weather: Stormy)

(Weather: Stormy)

Taken at Approximately 4pm (Weather: Overcast)

(Weather: Overcast)

(Weather: Clear)

Taken at Approximately 8pm (Weather: Clear)

Additional Credits:
World Pictured is Oahu BETA