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Ten Recolorable Carpets (Transitional/Contemporary)

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2011 at 2:27 PM
Here are ten more rugs for your Sims' houses. Eight are recolorable in three channels and two are recolorable in two channels, so you can play around with colors and patterns to your heart's content. These are in a contemporary/transitional style that matches up well with a lot of the game's furniture. Screenshots and a few examples of color changes are included in the next image and in the thumbnails below. (Note that two of the pictures have two rugs each, so they only show one color change for each rug. The other six images have one carpet shown in a room, and then two other color schemes of the same carpet so you can get an idea of how the rugs change when you play with the channels.)

The carpets are located in the Decor category, under Rugs. The group will show up as a new item called "Transitional 3 x 2 Rug Designs." There will be one thumbnail that looks like the blue and white polkadot rug. All of the other rugs are available using that thumbnail -- just click, wait for a second for the description to appear and scroll through the options; or click on the rug with the artist's palette to choose a version in Create-a-Style. Each rug costs 125 simoleons.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to cmomoney for the excellent tutorial on rugs and for the tutorial on adding multiple images to the same object. Also to the creators of S3PE and S3OC, both of which are amazing! One of the screenshots includes joninmobile's 3-channel High End Loft painting. Lastly, all of the rugs were created using free Photoshop brushes from one or more of the following sites or creators: brusheezy.com, libertiny.com/brushportfolio/, obsidian dawn, pixelsand icecream or kissmypixels.