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April Bedroom Set - Fixed Easy Chair * * Please Redownload**

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2011 at 10:08 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2012 at 12:32 AM - edit
7/09/12 - Fixed Easy Chair. The tb-April-BR.rar contains all fixes.

I built this set because I have a hard time furnishing my houses and I decided I needed a set to make that easier.

This set consists of the Bedroom but, coming soon, other rooms of the house will be presented.

To you that love to decorate you'll find numerous slots for your goodies.

I wanted a set to be extremely easy to recolor and it is.

The Bedroom small endtable controls all the recolors of the wood textures.

If you like my creation or effort, please hit the THANKS button. It only takes a few seconds

The nursery set can be found HERE

The Knobs, Handles and Glass used in the 2 tile amoire and are not recolorable. In order to change the colors you'll have to change the base texture in the 2 tile amoire file.

The Livingroom easy chair controls all the fabric recolors.

The Livingroom Lamp-1 controls the top and base of every lamp recolor.

April Bedroom Small Amoire 1x1 General/Dresser 249
April Bedroom Armoire 1x2 General/Dresser 449
April Double Bed Seating/Beds 1250
April Single Bed Seating/Beds 449
April Bedroom Blanket Chest Seat Seating/Sofas 849
April EndTable Surfaces/Endtable 49
April Table Lamp 1 Lighting/Tablelamp 79
April Table Lamp 2 Lighting/Tablelamp 78
April Wall Mirror 2Tile Decorative/Mirror 500
April Tall Endtable Table Surfaces/Endtable 149
April Bed Overhead Light Lighting/Ceilinglamp 149
April Short Dresser 2Tile General/Dresser 649
April Bedroom Small Dresser 1x1 General/Dresser 249
April Easy Chair Seating/Livingroom 326
April Bedrrom Vanity Suraces/Miscellaneous599
April Table Lamp Lighting/Tablelamp 80
April Compact Stereo Electronics/Audio 99
April Short Bookcase Hobbies/Knowledge 149
April Bookcase No Books Hobbies/Knowledge 202
April Desk Chair Seating/Diningroom 249
April Desk Surfaces/Desk 165

Special thanks to April who's support has helped and encouraged me through every project. So, here is her set!

Polygon Counts:
tb-April-Bedroom-Amoire-1Tile.package: 2120
tb-April-Bedroom-Amoire-2Tile.package: 1843
tb-April-Bedroom-Bed-Double.package: 866
tb-April-Bedroom-Bed-Single.package: 2308
tb-April-Bedroom-Blanket Seat.package: 1603
tb-April-Bedroom-EndTable.package: 190
tb-April-Bedroom-Light-Table-1.package: 1458
tb-April-Bedroom-Light-Table-2.package: 1520
tb-April-Bedroom-Mirror-Wall-2Tile.package: 402
tb-April-Bedroom-NightStand-Tall.package: 561
tb-April-Bedroom-Overhead-Light.package: 184
tb-April-Bedroom-Short-Dresser-2Tile.package: 654
tb-April-Bedroom-Small-Dresser-1Tile.package: 478
tb-April-Bedroom-Vanity-2Tile.package: 1730
tb-April-LivingRoom-Easy-Chair.package: batch3
tb-April-LivingRoom-Light-Table-1.package: 2104
tb-April-LivingRoom-Stereo-1.package: 1030
tb-April-Study-Bookcase-Short-1.package: 624
tb-April-Study-Bookcase-Short-2-NO Books.package: 480
tb-April-Study-Chair-Desk-Arms.package: 1078
tb-April-Study-Desk-2Tile.package: 361