English Garden Apartments

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5/28/12 - Remove the composter from the second apartment, from the left. To place items in the backyard you have to use the cheat "moveObjects on" to place, outside, objects in the back yard, before renting.

A few years ago I saw this English Garden Apartment and knew someday I'd have to recreate it. Well this is my attempt.

Each apartment is 3 stories high with a basement and a private backyard. There are 3 bedrooms and 4 baths.

The cost of the apartments are 6,667-7,340 simoleons.

Each apartment is decorated, so make sure you use a cheat when you move in.

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Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 432,346

Custom Content by Me - If they're not included or in your dl folder - you will have to download them
- tb-RecolorableStairs_Euro_White-Mesh HERE
- tb-RecolorableStairs_WroughtIron_Black-Mesh HERE
- Side Window - Included
- tb-RetainingWalls (use the old ones) HERE
-The Craftsman windows I used are my new ones found HERE
- Tall "Stone Cul-De-Sac" Brick Fence HERE
- tb-wall_IndustrioBrickWithLeftDarkWood - Included
- tb-wall_IndustrioBrickWithRightDarkWood - Included
- tb-WroughtIron-TreeFence HERE

Custom Content Included:
- floor_13bdd2c8 by karinssims2
- floor_7313ec63 by Created by The Sorceress
- floor_73bdd428 by karinssims2
- Made by Shoukeir - Sims 2 Play by Made by Shoukeir
- GT_BluePaintedFloral_WP by Created by LWoods for the Grand Trianon set
- ijStairwall1 by Inge
- ijStairwall2 by Inge
- ijStairwall3 by Inge
- ijStairwall4 by Inge
- ijStairwall_recolAE by Inge
- N65_Ambular_EthanAllenColonialWallMirror_RC_white by nengi65
- pig_StudioTileFloor_01 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileFloor_04 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileFloor_07 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileFloor_09 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileFloor_04 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileWall_07 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileWall_09 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileWall_13 by piggis
- pig_StudioTileWall_16 by piggis
- wall_33b932a5 by Mummysim
- wall_5313eaa1 by Created by The Sorceress
- wall_90c039fe by Made by Shoukeir
- wall_938fcdf6 by Holy Simoly

Additional Downloads - They're all here at ModTheSims
-Sophie-David's Invisible driveway you can find it here - http://www.modthesims.info/d/399775
-Niol's "Moi_FenceInvisibleMeshless-r" HERE. It's the first one on the download page.
- Ambulars-Ethan Allen Colonial Bedroom Set HERE
- Numenor_Stand-aloneTV-14in by Numenor
- RS_Lattice50_081107 by Reyn
- RS_Lattice_081107 by Reyn