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Pirripirri Beach a Complete Neighbourhood

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 30th Sep 2011 at 1:41 PM
Updated: 18th Feb 2015 at 8:47 PM
Pirripirri Beach - Vezz Island

Pirripirri beach is 73 square miles of paradise, surrounded by tropical Ocean it’s home to beautiful sandy beaches, and breathtaking views of the 3,000 foot extinct Mount Vezz Volcano.

The climate is mild year round so prepare for lots of sunshine and the occasional tropical shower. Simlish is the official language – the Pirripirrians speak it with a delightful accent. The atmosphere is friendly, laid-back, and family friendly.

Ranging from a couple of single bedroom to large five bedroom houses they are all fully furnished and contain all the major appliances, are fully protected with burglar and fire alarms and all but one have parking spaces. Some of the beachlots have piers offering suitable mooring.

Pirripirri contains everything a sim may need, fresh produce from the local grocery, fashionable items from the clothing shop, fine dinning with local seafood a speciality. The local pub becomes the social mecca offering fine wines and beers from all corners of the globe.
The church built by the Pirripirrians is the spiritual home of religious sims as well as the burial home of the great and the good citizens.
The quaint florist stocks exotic fauna, gathered from the slopes of Mount Vezz and used by the islanders to decorate their homes and adorn their graves.

The Surf Shop caters for all surfing requirements and since the introduction of Surfs Up sims can now surf to there hearts content.

Visitors need to be aware Pirripirri is Pirripirri, no frills just beautiful.

I hope you enjoy playing with Pirripirri as much as I did building it.

To enable Pirri Pirri playable it is not necessary to download and install the lots one by one Follow the install instructions, select from the neighbourhood screen and play. All of the lots are available to download individually, however the beachlots are only suitable for Vezz Island by Lala2007.

All of the lots have been playtested for several simdays, they are furnished with Maxis content including all the major appliances. Fire and Burglar alarms are also installed.

If you don't want your gardener to go crazy I would suggest you install a garden mod such as the Inge inspired Perfect Plants or Perfect Gardens at Simbology

Some people may want to reorganise the neighbourhood before they start using it . This is normally OK but with the beachlots I would advise caution, some lots do not travel well, it's perhaps better to leave these alone. All the others should move without any problems. If in doubt always BACK UP
Keep the rar you’ve downloaded from here as a backup, that’ll spare you having to redownload in case something goes wrong. I would strongly suggest you make any changes while the neighbourhood is empty, it is much easier to move unoccupied lots by simply moving them to the bin and from there to their new location.

Please don't forget to install the files Pirripirri CC.rar and Pirripirri Community CC.rar it will only enhance the hood.


Pirripirri Beach was built using Numenors AGS with Nightlife and Bon Voyage installed but some community lots would benefit if Open for Business is owned and then converted into owned businesses.
They have all been playtested for several simdays.


1. Download the files Pirripirri CC.rar and Pirripirri Community CC.rar
2. Extract them to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads
3. Download the file N073.rar
4. Extract it to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods
5. Download N073 lots 2.rar
6. Extract and move the contents of the folder (N073 lots 2) to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods/N073/Lots
7. Download N073 lots 3.rar
8. Extract and move the contents of the folder (N073 lots 3) to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods/N073/Lots

Pirripirri Custom Content Included

Maxis Wooden Stairs-Redux by Reyn
Chic Porch Set by tbudgett

Please see the threads linked above for installation instructions -- the lots will work just fine if you don't install the stairs properly, but you won't be able to select, change them or use them in other lots.

Recolourable Wooden Stairs by Numenor
Ladder by marvine
Spiral Stairs by marvine
Spiral Stairs Recolours by JLonier

Vertical Siding by kittyispretty69
Lattice wall by patul
American Walls by larsson1970

Windows and doors by tbudgett
Invisible Driveway by Sophie-David

Click and Surf Shop
Sunglasses Display by retailsims
Surfboards by blake_boy
Decorative Surfboards by Maylin

The Admiral Benbow
Irish Pub decorative and hanging bottles at Around the Sims by Sandy

Pirripirri Church
Five Unique Old Gravestones by bootsbrisket
Above ground graves by Gromit
Versatile Head Stones and Tomb by Gromit
2 Storie Church Style Windows by Moon_Ez
A Giant sized Jesus statue by KevinsHope
Camelot Lights by Holy Simoly
Spiral Stairs by marvine
Found under Objects/Sets/Downtown/Church these items.
Altar, candle,Bible,Bench,Prayerstool,Harmonium,Lectern,Endtable and Cross by Sandy at Around the Sims

Some custom content was shown but not included, if you want the church to look like the pictures first download and install these items...
Under Themes/Church/Objects
The Stoup, the Tower Bell Window and Tombs by Lithium at Sims Design Avenue

The white roof trim shown in some pictures but not included is by Phaenoh
The Silversong Porch Build Set by Reyn was unfortunately not included please download separately.

Some of the lots were shrunk using the Lot Adjuster special thanks to Mootilda for writing it, and to everyone involved in its development.
Any Game Starter by Numenor
Scriptorium by Numenor

Many thanks to Pheanoh for all the help and support

Vezz Island is by Lala2007 and was first brought to my attention by a MTS member requesting beachlots for the Island. I liked the Island so much I decided to ask permission of Lala2007 to use her island with a few road alterations for Pirripirri Beach, unfortunately after many attempts with PM and e-mail I was unable to contact her . If you require an sc4 use Lala2007's and please thank her.