Sims 3 online pharmacy control script, pills, and cabinets

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2011 at 6:51 AM
Updated: 5th May 2014 at 11:08 PM - adding tiptorial and example pillbottle with self contained script.
may 5th, 2014 back up and running. My sim had a 22 day itchy moodlet from Ani's working bed mod. This inspired me
to create 'Scratchit'. I used the method outlined in the tutorial, so it isn't necessary to change the pillscript package.
Just download the new package and put it in your mods folder. I haven't added any bells and whistles yet. It just
removes the 'itchy' moodlet, if present, and nothing else.

july 25th, 2013 blew up my on-board graphics card. 1.55 patch won't load at all, even without mods. No money for new
card, which would require new monitor. I may as well not buy a new pc while I'm at it. Sorry folks, you're on your own with
this one now.

feb 24th, 2013 added tiptorial and example pillbottle.

april 30th, 2012 added simpatico. be sure to re-download and install LWE_pillscript if you download simpatico.

november 4th, 2011 added more moodlets. re-download and install the LWE_pillscript if you want more moodlets

*** tested with 1.50 patch, works as-is ***

The Pills

Tired of watching your sim sleep? Want to purge their stomach before they enter the eating contest? Give these a try! Based on real-world over-the-counter diet pills. These will lower a sim's hunger motive to make more room for gustatory delights and simultaneously convert their stomach contents to a full energy bar.
Just make sure their tummy is at least half full, or they have a death flower in their inventory or your attempt to steal a few extra hours for skill-building could turn into a meeting with the grim reaper and a free urn stone!

A diluted version of Trimasim, approximately half-strength. Still possible to overdose, just a bit less likely. Eat well, and carry a death flower. You've been warned.

Test sims stood rooted to the spot they swallowed this stuff on and acted very strangely. They said it was fun, and observed no ill effects. The scientists that cooked it up, however, had some observations of their own.

Sprinkler Pills
A simnip derivative with longer lasting effects.

Our scientists applied reverse osmosis to Trimasim and came up with this stuff. Of course, sims are much too ethical to put it in their date's juice.

Derived from TrimasimLT, it took four doses of this stuff to send our test sims off to dream land.

Gave test sims a four hour 'tranquil' moodlet and a +10 mood boost. ...and they didn't so much as gag. Woo!

This is the example pillbottle for the tiptorial. It contains it's own s3sa resource, which extends the main script.
If you already have the pill_script installed, you don't need to re-download it to add this pill type to your game.

Using the pills in live mode
Place pill bottle in sim inventory, if it isn't already there. Click for interactions in the usual way. "Read label" gives a count of the pills remaining. If you drag a pill bottle onto a surface, "Pick Up" will cause the active sim to route to the pill bottle and add it to their inventory. "Take one" causes the sim to take one pill from the bottle. If the "take one" interaction doesn't show up in the menu, the pill bottle is empty and can be sold, much like returning an empty soda bottle for deposit.

The Cabinets

Using the cabinet in live mode
The working medicabi is a new object, not a replacement for the decorative medicabi that comes with the game. It comes with four interactions. "Show Info" lists the contents of the cabinet. "Put your pills in this cabinet" causes the active sim to walk to the cabinet and put any pills in their inventory into the cabinet. "go empty the medicine cabinet" causes the active sim to walk to the medicine cabinet and put all the pills from the cabinet into their inventory. "get a pill bottle from the cabinet" causes the active sim to walk to the cabinet. If there are two or more pill bottles in the cabinet, a list opens, and a pill bottle may be selected to add to the sim's inventory.

Install Instructions
To add to game, download and install the LWE_pillscript.package file to your mods folder. Then download and install any or all pill types you want to add to your game. The working medicine cabinet also relies on the pillscript package for it's script class. New types of pills will be added to this thread. If you want to use the new types, you will need to re-download and install the LWE_pillscript, which will be updated whenever new types of pills or cabinets are added to this set.

Buy pills and cabinets from bathroom accents, or miscellaneous decorations.

Polygon Counts:
pill bottle 150
medicine cabinet 118

Additional Credits:
Tools: S3PE, S3OC, milkshape.
Lots of helpful scripting advice: Cmomoney, Buzzler, Twallan
Encouragement: Inge Jones

Developed and tested with base-game version
Updated for game version
Tested with game version 1.50
This object mod does not conflict with any other mod, because there is no other like it.

Quick and dirty make your own pill mod tiptorial (mod this mod!):