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Nursery Add-Ons: Spruce up your BG and FT nurseries.

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Uploaded: 11th Oct 2011 at 8:16 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2023 at 1:51 PM - replaced link - thanks Kaylynn!

Nursery Add-ons

There are tons of really amazing nurseries for the Sims 2 already but when I saw these beautiful crib and changing table combos I thought I could find room in my game for a few more pieces. Especially if those pieces can be mixed and matched with the existing Base Game or Free Time nurseries to create a variety of new looks for a small amount of additional resources.

Haffa Crib
Catalog Description:
With its space saving design and timeless style the Haffa Crib is a beautiful addition to any nursery. For the complete look don't forget "The Other Haffa" Changing Table.

Modified Maxis meshes and textures.
Slaved to The Kinder Kontainer.
Master to "The Other Haffa" Changing Table, The Baby Dangle, The Bouncinator 3500 and the Four Corners Activity Table.

"The Other Haffa" Changing Table
Catalog Description:
You would think that half of a changing table would cost less...

Modified Maxis meshes and textures.
Slaved to the Haffa Crib and The Kinder Kontainer bedding.

Catalog Sort:
General/Child - $400 each

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Space Saver - Crib and changing table combo only take up two tiles instead of the normal four. You would need four tiles for the Jack & Jill setup pictured though (2 cribs and 1 changing table) since the crib by itself is larger than 1 tile.

***Requires Apartment Life***
The Baby Dangle
Catalog Description:
A fun, interactive toy for baby that clips onto "The Other Haffa" Changing Table. WARNING: Baby Dangle is not safe for balconies.

Modified Maxis meshes and textures.
Slaved to the Haffa Crib and The Kinder Kontainer.

Catalog Sort:
General/Child - $100

  • Height Adjustable - It's positioned to fit the changing table but the height is adjustable so you can move it anywhere that's routable (a crib, couch etc.) and it'll still work. Basically, it functions as a cute, comfy place to store baby where they can play with their toys and nap so you don't feel like a neglectful sim parent.

    If you really are a neglectful sim parent, or maybe just a fertile one, you can stack babies to the ceiling or squeeze a bunch into one crib using moveobjects on.

***Requires Apartment Life***
The Bouncinator 3500
Catalog Description:
Keep baby entertained for hours with The Bouncinator 3500! You won't hear a peep out of them.

Maxis mesh and modified textures.
Sound fix provided by Havelock @MATY.
Slaved to Haffa Crib and The Kinder Container.

Catalog Sort:
General/Child - $100

***Requires Free Time***
Four Corners Activity Table
Catalog Description:
Sharp corners are our specialty!

Modified Maxis meshes and textures.
Slaved to The Kinder Kontainer and Haffa Crib.
Table top mesh modified from the Mere Folly nursery set by Kate @parsimonious.

Catalog Sort:
General/Child - $400


There are small (I think small) animation issues with almost all of the set; the most noticeable having to do with the changing table and The Baby Dangle. Babies and toddlers are slotted above the surface of the changing table in order to stop their heads from clipping and depending on the camera angle it's more or less noticeable. Sims also fumble around with the baby putting them in and taking them out of The Baby Dangle but it's far less noticeable in normal game play than the original animations (sims bent over to pick the baby up off of the ground).

I tried my best to adjust the meshes, align the slots and switch out animations in order to get the best results but these are far from perfect. Even though I'm really happy with how these turned out I know everyone's tolerance for imperfections in their custom content is different so I uploaded a short video on YouTube so you can get a better idea of how these animate before you download--I'd hate for anyone to be disappointed.

All of the pieces in this set have two separate, designable subsets. The bedding is slaved to The Kinder Kontainer base game crib and the wood is slaved to the Haffa Crib.

I originally planned to slave all of the wood to the Free Time Good Times changing table but because that set only has one subset, numerous duplicate wood recolors showed in the catalog for mine so decided not to. As a result, you can use the exact same texture that's used for the Good Times changing table to recolor the Haffa Crib and vice versa. In addition to the Free Time wood colors that the crib mesh comes in I've included a bright white recolor with a glossy finish. You can't really see that much of a difference in the pictures but it's a much better match for the base game pieces (and most of the CC nursery pieces I have) which don't have as much shading and texture.

Recommended Mods:
None in particular this time but if you haven't been, Inge Jones has some really wonderful mods for babies at simlogical under the Sims 2 Child Care section.

Terms of Use:
As always, you're free to use anything of mine however you'd like including for your own projects.

Polygon Counts:

Photo Credits:
Nursery Bedding by An_na
Baby Outfit by fakepeeps7

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, Milkshape (& plugins), GIMP, and MTS of course. A little over a year ago all I knew how to create were walls in Homecrafter so a huge thanks to all of the staff and creators at MTS who have been so generous with their time, knowledge and encouragement.