NCI - SimCity 3000's Onderdonk House

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Here we present the third home created by the folks at Neighborhood Consolidation Incorporated. Introducing...the Onderdonk House:

Based on the likeness of an actual historic home, this house from SimCity 3000 is now available for download for your Sims 2 neighborhood. This home is made for a medium to small sized family, namely due to the lack of bedrooms, but it has a nice selection of vegetation growing in the front yard of the property.

The actual property was built for a farm during the 1830s. It was built for and owned by Judge Horatio G. Onderdonk. He was born in Port Washington and studied law soon after graduating from Columbia College in 1829. In 1830, he married his cousin Elizabeth Schenk Onderdonk. He graduated from law after college, and opened offices in New York City, and in his home town of Manhasset. He was later appointed county judge of Kings County. The couple had children, and in 1836, the house was conceived.

A century later, the property was bought by "Levitt And Sons" for real estate development of North Strathmore. The home was used as the office of the company until the Strathmore Association was created in 1936, declaring the home a historic landmark for the town. Actual floor plans of the house are available from the Library Of Congress website. Didn't realize that until I wrote up this entry, lol.

So, history aside, enjoy this third SC3k recreation. Been modified to become a 30x60 tile lot, thanks to Mootilda's Lot Adjuster program.

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