Not So Rustic Retreat: BV Three Lakes Vacation Home (SLOPED lot!)

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2011 at 3:34 AM
Updated: 10th Sep 2021 at 5:02 PM
UPDATE: New 2021 remake with much less CC! (Only 1 set of Add-On CC windows now!)
Pictures of the newly updated lot are at the end of the pictures above...

You will need Numenor's Unlevel Wall #90

CC Includes:
tBudgett's BV Hotel Window Add-On set.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $75,635

Well, Don has been bugging me a loooong time now for a vacation home. So, I finally built one for him. He is one of my main Testers, and as such, he does a lot of work for me. He deserves a nice place to visit and get away from "it all" (me) LOL!

I don't think many people know the real Don Lothario... yea, sure, he thinks he's got every women's secret desire wrapped up in his - uh, his little pinkie. He can't help that though. Most of his acclaimed 'romantical drama' actually comes from Nina and Dina themselves. They are not very, shall we say, discrete. But, no, Don is not like that; not all the time anyway. He yearns for a quiet family life - with a comfortable cabin in the Catskills and a condo in the City (I think he means penthouse, but he insists on calling it a condo.)

He seemed genuinely flattered when I offered to build his dream cabin for him. At his insistence the guest room has a separate and completely private entrance. (I guess he is thinking about starting a Bed & Breakfast?) He also wanted an inside balcony from the Master Bedroom (on the 2nd floor) to the main entrance below - so he can see who's at the front door from his bedroom. My original design included a full wrap-around deck. Don nixed that and added a private deck off the Master Suite instead. The additional bathroom next to the Hot Spring is his idea too. All in all I think the Rustic Retreat turned out very well. I'm pleased with it, Don's pleased with it, and I hope you will be too. Please leave me some comments and tell me what you think?

This was built as a Vacation Home in Three Lakes:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Below follows the original upload post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Lot size: 20X40 (2X3)HILLSIDE/sloped lots ONLY
  • About 1,597 sq ft covered living space - 2 bedroom, 3 bath, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, living room, game room, large patio, private deck, and your very own hot spring
  • Around $50,356 simoleons - I say "around" because I have extensively re-organized my build/buy catalogues and, in doing so, re-priced most everything. I don't know if this will effect the cost in your game or not. If it does, maybe your Sims qualify for a huge tax break? Inheritance? Or, it's their turn to win the lottery?
  • Fully furnished - appliances, lights, and fixtures - plus all the extras to make your vacation lotsa fun!
  • The interior design is light and airy, with a somewhat woodsy feel
  • Attractive stylized exterior features genuine log construction on a stacked stone base
  • Windows windows windows (don't forget your windex!)
  • Wired for cable/TV/Internet; phone is installed and ready
  • Invisible/stealth Alarm systems included (for both fire and burglar)
  • The sleek modern fireplace in the family room helps ward off any mountain chills
  • Textured ceilings throughout
  • Ceiling fans in each bedroom and living area
  • Quality high-end Maxis construction
  • Fine quality, energy efficient Maxis Brand Products used wherever feasible
  • The simple landscaping is well established and easy to maintain
  • And, the main selling feature: the breathtaking view of Three Lakes (- if you situate this lot as I did.)

I built this house with the aide of Numenor's AGS (what a wonderful tool!) It needs UNI, NL, BV, and M&G installed in order to work properly. This is an unlevel lot! The lot slopes down a mountainside in back, I built it for a specific lot - see the neighborhood picture below. I have playtested this house with several families - they have had no problems finding the Hot Springs even though it is a downhill trek. *NOTE* the chess table is set up on an angle, and as such, does not work. If you straighten it out it will work just fine - but I liked the look of it along the angled window. The rar file contains the Sims2Pack and any EXTRAs needed for this lot. All files have both been thoroughly cleaned with the Clean Installer.

*** This is a HILLSIDE LOT! ***
This house is NOT built on a level lot - it is meant to go on a sloped lot, one that drops away in back (as your facing the house, from the street view.) Please see the last picture below to see the exact lot I built on. Sometimes sloped lots can mess up your neighborhood. So, please back up your neighborhood before installing anything. Nothing special has been done to the land (no Lot-Adjusting or templates,) it is a basic BV Three Lakes lot that I used for this house.

Credit & Thanks:
To all the wonderfully talented creators & re-colorers whose work I have used in this house: THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for downloading! I really enjoy reading your comments - leave me some?
Thanks MTS2 too for having such a great site!

Necessary but NOT included in the download... be sure to get these before installing this house (or things will not look right!)
Shopping List: (You need to go get these items yourself - just click/follow the link)
From HugeLunatic @ MTS2 - ChicStairsMAIN_Open (Please follow her directions for installing these stairs.)
From Marvine @ MTS2 - ModularRockStairs-MAIN (Please follow her directions for installing these stairs.)
From Menaceman44 @ MTS2 - Lunatech Ceiling Light FIX

All items in the download file are used with permission. Credit and links for all CC used is listed below.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $50,356

Custom Content by Me:
- Full-height Wall Poster
- EmpireClap-WineLeft
- EmpireClap-WineRight
- From the Apartment EP, the Socialite collection - wallpaper without all the wood.
- From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings removed...
- From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings removed...
- From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings removed...

Custom Content Included:
- 1Tile LowPrivacy HotelWindow_Diag by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 1Tile_Arched_Hotel_Door by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 1Tile_Tall_HotelWindow by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 1Tile_Tall_HotelWindow_Diag by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 2Tile_HalfPrivacy_HotelWindow by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 2Tile_Hotel_2Door by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 2Tile_RoundPrivacy_HotelWindow by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 2Tile_Short_HotelWindow by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 2Tile_Tall_HotelWindow by tbudgett @ MTS2
- 3Tile_Tall_HotelWindow_Diag by tbudgett @ MTS2
- CheapShowerBackless by HugeLunatic & Hokadk47 @ sims2artists
- ChezMoi-Cabinet by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- InvisibleTile by Frillen @ MTS2
- invisibleburglaralarm by pfish @ MTS2
- Invisiblesmokealarm by pfish @ MTS2
- ChezMoi_ConnectingIsland by MaryLou & Numenor @ MTS2
- ChezMoi_Diswasher by MaryLou & Numenor @ MTS2
- ChezMoi_Multi-Junction by MaryLou & Numenor @ MTS2
- ChezMoi_TrashCompactor by MaryLou & Numenor @ MTS2
- tinyceilinglight_July19 by senesi2003 @ MTS2
- tb-PG_2Tile_1Door-Slats by tbudgett @ MTS2
- abbylane-whisps-gold by Amethystfenix @ Sims2Artists
- invisible_drivewaynightlife by Sophie-David @ MTS2
- tb-PG_1Tile_Tall_Closed-MASTER by tbudgett @ MTS2