Castaway/Shipwrecked Set Part 3: Pets Patch Compatible!

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2011 at 6:39 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2011 at 5:03 PM - reuploading stove
11/21/11: A lot of people have said that the stove is acting strange so I re-uploaded it since it was working fine in my game in case I had uploaded an old version by accident. Please re-upload.

Castaway Part 3

Included in this set are the following 7 items:

Campfire (cloned from and works as a firepit)
Rock Stove (self cleaning Hunger: 9)
Makeshift Bookshelf
Banana Tree
Rock and bamboo refrigerator (hunger: 8)
Sink with garden hose
Rock counters

See all the pictures at the bottom of the post and be sure to check out parts 1 and 2
Part 1
Part 2

First off,
I am uploading the counters as a separate package just because they are really fussy so you can decide if you want them. I debated on leaving them out of this upload but the in-game counters just look SO out of place with everything else so I wanted you to have the option of having them if you like. Here is how to use them correctly:

First of all, you will see 2 counters in your catalog...use the SECOND one. (TSR bug creates 2 and the first one is wrong). Place as many as you like in a straight row. THEN when you want to turn the corner and start placing them (like in an “L” shape) you have to be very careful NOT to let the next piece turn into a “corner” piece. In other words, you need to place it a little bit away from the end piece. As soon as they TOUCH, it turns into the default textures and looks crazy and you have to delete them. It's really not that bad if you just be careful not to let them become “corners”. I have disabled the “automatically buy another” option to help avoid accidental touching.
*See pictures below

A little more description:
Rock stove: I don't know how she is heating this stove but by-golly I like it anyway...maybe the hot sun?? Recolorable (one channel)

On the fridge, I redid the food inside to look like what one might find on an island, some coconuts, a coconut "drink", a bunch of bananas, and some fish...REALLY wish I could give you a good look at the inside. Check it out! (I don't know how she lifted up those stones...)

The rock sink is simple but efficient. Somehow, she has found a hose and is pumping the water up to the rock. (Use your imagination. lol) I love the way it looks hanging into the pond. I wanted it to look more like a depression in the rock than a sink (which turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined but I think it still turned out okay.

Cost is 5 Simoleons each piece

Where are they?
Everything is found in their respective places (sinks, etc) but to keep everything organized and together, everything is also listed under miscellaneous decor as well. That way, when you're building your island, it's all right there together.

Will they work for your setup?
I am pretty sure that everything is base game compatible with the exception of the hopscotch which I believe is a generations item. If you don't have that simply unzip everything, drag it to your mods folder and then delete the hopscotch piece. No problem!

*If you want the cool little hose in the water effect, it is very easy to do that. Enable the cheat "moveobjects on" first. Then build the pond. Make it pretty deep or the hose won't look as good. THEN place your counters holding down the "alt" key to get them pretty close to the pond. Then, lay down your sink.

What can you do with it?
Feel free to recolor it, retexture it, or anything you like. Just please credit me for the mesh.

Polygon Counts:
Campfire: 606
Stove: 1150
Bookshelf: 322
Banana Tree: 372
Fridge: 1371
Sink: 544
Counter: 181

Additional Credits:
Made with Gimp
TSR Workshop
UV Mapper
Milkshape 3D
Simlish font (if used in this creation) by inkandchaos