Better Poodles - Four original pooches with personalities.

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2011 at 9:36 PM
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When I first loaded The Sims 3 Pets I longed to populate Champs Les Sims with poodles, but when I saw the premade breeds I felt underwhelmed by the large poodle on offer. The small poodles looked okay, but the large poodles were sort of... ...fugly. I decided to design my own set of stereotypical poodles, but discovered that The Sims 3 Pets isn't really capable of making a perfect large standard poodle at all:

The black poodle below, Madonna Alto, comes close enough for my tastes, and although she's certainly a not perfect emulation of the real standard poodle, she's a mutt that I've really enjoyed making. The other three dogs are more fantastical - adding some varied genetics in terms of facial/body structure and coats - but still recognisably poodles. Each has been designed to match a pre-existing household from the base game and earlier expansions.

Madonna Alto

"Say what you want about the Alto family's business arrangements, but the family has good taste, even when it comes to pets. Madonna is a pooch with perfect pedigree, and she knows it."

Family: The Alto household of Sunset Valley
Traits: Hydrophobic/Hunter/Proud
Size: Large Dog

Biscuit Belle

"Kai Leiko gifted Biscuit to his girlfriend Lola Belle, and ever since then this pup has spent his life in the limelight. Appearing even on the covers of weekly women's magazines, Biscuit is not nearly as spoilt as many would suspect."

Family: The Belle household of Bridgeport
Traits: Playful/Hydrophobic/Clueless
Size: Large Dog

Madame Beaumont

"As the sole companion of her lonely, bookwormish owner, Madame loves to entertain visitors. She is very careful to avoid fleas, and loves to preen herself for company."

Family: The Beaumont household of Champs Les Sims
Traits: Friendly/Neat/Likes Swimming
Size: Large Dog

Flora Goth

"As much a dedicated guard dog as a family pet, Flora's custom dye-job allows her to blend right in with Goth Manor's topiaries. She will sit very quietly, and burglars never notice her until it is too late."

Family: The Goth household of Sunset Valley
Traits: Aggressive/Quiet/Genius
Size: Small Dog