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Gleam of Evil - Ominous fantasy eyes

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2011 at 7:47 AM
I just found these waaaay old eyes from my files, I probably had made them for a Sephiroth sim. Also, a fun fact, the base is from Sauron's eye... Now if that's not pure evil, I don't know what is! I thought that they actually had something really cool to them, and thought to share, hopefully somebody finds use for these.

Ah, sinfully ominous pair of eyes for your sims of the darkness... They have a subtle gleam, devilish irises and the recoloring gives and option to highlight the irises even more. The eye is smaller than average eyes, to intensify the gaze to the max!
Great for demons, aliens, dark elves... any creatures of the dark!

These are contacts, and can be found under Face Mask category in Makeup.
These are for both genders, from baby to elder, and they inherit like default replacement eyes, as they are enabled for genetics.
They aren't enabled for random sims, so you won't be scared out of your pants seeing these on the mailman!

The recoloring has three channels. One for the eye whites, one for the overall color and one for the highlight color surrounding the irises.

Free hairs used in the pictures by Lidiqnata, converted for TS3 by Anubis360 and the second one is by Raonjena.