Forever or a Day - longer/shorter pregnancy for sims/pets! (1.55 compatible)

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2011 at 8:35 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2013 at 10:25 AM
Forever or a Day - adjusted pregnancy lengths for sims and pets
Part 1 of my pregnancy mods series.

This mod has been overwhelmingly successful, with over 10k downloads! I just want to thank you all for downloading and enjoying.

Compatible with 1.55!

I prefer to play my game with short lifespans, because I get bored easily - so, I couldn't wait 3 days per pregnancy - thus, the Adjusted Pregnancy Lengths mod was born! This is an XML tuning mod that alters the length of pregnancy for both sims and pets. It comes in 4 flavours, but I also take requests. Details of the pregnancy lengths in the Requests file can be found below.

Original (EAxis) - 3 days long, with 4 days of maternity leave for sims.
Super Short - 6 hours long, with 1 day of maternity leave for sims.
Short - 24 hours long, with 2 days of maternity leave for sims.
Long - 7 days long, with 10 days of maternity leave for sims.
Super Long - 21 days long, with 30 days of maternity leave for sims.

Paternity/spousal leave is always 2 days less than maternity leave. I have found no way of changing this so far, sorry!



You can only have ONE sim pregnancy length mod and ONE pet pregnancy length mod in your game at any one time. This edits the Pregnancy and Pet Pregnancy XML files, so any other mods affecting pregnancy may conflict with mine. Does not conflict with any of my mods. Should not conflict with any of Twallan's mods or AwesomeMod.

Compatible with 1.55!
The 1.26 to 1.48 version may be compatible with earlier/later versions, but is not tested so use with caution!
Base game compatible. Pets EP is not required for sim pregnancy adjustments.

The ever-amazing S3PE!