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Le Cheval a l'Aise Ranch - A French Inn for Traveling Pets

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Uploaded: 6th Nov 2011 at 6:34 PM
Are you using a mod that allows you to take your pets with you on vacation? Or maybe you simply would like a horse ranch to go with your French-inspired village? Or perhaps a horse ranch that doesn't take up a massive amount of space, one that you can actually fit in your neighborhood without pulling teeth and wanting to chuck your computer out the window? Well, you've come to the right place!

I built this lot for my Sims who are currently traveling in France. They brought their pets along using Twallan's Traveler mod, but there is no room for them at the base camp without things getting awkward. A horse doesn't need a box stall crammed against a brick wall in some backyard in the middle of town, he needs the beautiful countryside to run and play in!

This lot is labeled as a Horse Ranch, and is a community lot. While it was built in France, it can be used in any neighborhood. Here are the following things the lot includes for all kinds of pets:

Horses - This lot includes 3 box stalls, 2 water troughs, hay, a horse ball, 2 salt licks, and plenty of room to gallop around without the serious pathing issues that often plague them.

Dogs - Included are two doggie beds, a sim bed for those who are more picky about where they will sleep, two dog houses, three bottomless pet bowls (to ensure that sims do not have to fill them), a bath for those pups plagued with fleas, three biscuit balls, several toy boxes, and plenty of room to run around and socialize with each other.

Cats - Included are three cat beds, a majestic kitty castle, a kitty jungle gym, several feather toys and toyboxes, three bottomless pet bowls, and litter boxes.

Miscellaneous - This lot contains a bathroom, mostly so that dogs can drink from the toilet. But your Sims are free to use it as well! On the third floor there are two bird trees hidden among the flowers where your sim can place them to fly about the lot. Finally, there is a fire pit to entertain the unsettling swarm of human Sims that tend to flock to community lots unless you have a mod to stop that kind of behavior.

All in all, this lot contains all the items you need to keep your pets 100% entertained, fed, watered, and bedded while you enjoy the beautiful sights in France. Your pets should be completely self-sufficient on this ranch. Keep in mind, however, that often at night pets will attempt to return to the base camp, so either keep them occupied or place this lot near your base camp/vacation home so that you can send them back. Pets should stay there during the day without any issues.

For those of you who may be wondering how to get their pets past the pesky customs agents into France, check out Twallan's Traveler Mod or something similar.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 81,674
Expansions Required: This lot was built in a game using all expansions from World Adventures up to Pets, but only uses items from the base game, World adventures, and Pets. There is no CC used in this lot.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Twallan for creating his mod that makes this happen!