Hummingbird H2 (modern base-game no-cc two-bedroom house)

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2011 at 1:54 AM
Updated: 10th Nov 2011 at 8:38 AM - Fix typo

This small modern environmentally-friendly house has a minimal footprint, but it will make a big impact in your neighborhood with its bold colors and soaring structure. Measuring only 5 tiles wide for most of its length, it still manages to hold a comfortable living room, eat-in kitchen, two bedrooms and two full baths. There's a huge chill deck with a fireplace out front, which extends your living space during nice weather.

This house was inspired by the Hummingbird-H2.

Technical Details:

The roof is a "foundation roof", created with inexpensive foundation walls. If necessary, these walls can be removed using the foundation tool.

Although the lot is fairly small, this house may strain less-powerful computers, because of the large number of levels used to create the unique look.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $87,338

Additional Credits:
Numenor, for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to make this lot without any EPs:

The LotAdjuster, which allowed me to create the house without having to worry about the placement of the house on the lot.

The GridAdjuster, which allowed me to easily make the curved modern roof:

ConvertiWall, which allowed me to change the walls on the roof to foundation walls, thus reducing the cost in line with the actual structure:

The LevelAdder (still in testing), which allowed me to add more than 6 levels to a base game lot:

Quaxi and Peter and Igne Jones, for SimPE:

The LotCompressor, which allowed me to remove unnecessary images from the lot package, thus reducing its size by 2/3: