Huge bodybuilder skins - V2.0,V2.1[ND bodies]

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Uploaded 23rd Nov 2011 at 3:38 PM · Updated 26th Nov 2011 at 10:53 AM by Victor_tor : Pets UPD

Hi there! There are skins made by me for bodybuilders. Male and female.
I inspired by Beosboxboy`s skins for sims 2. I think there are perfect. And I decided to make something like his one for sims 3.
This is NON DEFAULT skintone for females and males from teen to elder. I made just bodies to let you use your own default faces.
It`s matching any default faces without any seams so fell free to choose or leave it maxis.
It has a bloombase sexy feet matching too and looks very pretty with Alex Stanton`s pectoral tops from TSR.
Finally you can use Johna`s body sliders to make it look like they are on my first screen in this topic.

In details:
  • Muscules - I made muscules on legs, hands, chests and ABS to make this skin look athletic
  • Nipples - female and male skins has natural-looking nipples. BTW all another parts are babie. This means it has not any natural body hair at all.
  • Highlights - skintone is having very contrast surface to make visual bulge muscules. That`s why skin is a bit darker than others.
  • ABS - I made additional highlights and shadows on ABS for female and male to make it look more realistic when you put the muscle slider up. But this effect means this skin WILL LOOK BAD FOR FAT SIMS.
  • Veins - you can see it on legs and hands.
  • Back - Back has bulgy muscules too

Actually it look not good for teens and elder sims. =\ But maybe you decided to make elder bodybuilder. Who knows.

I made two versions of this skin: Female and Male and for males only. Second one is marked [MALE] in uploaded .rar files
Pack has two versions V2.0 and V2.1 that various just with colors. You can see it at attached screenshot.

24.11.11 UPD Updated for PETS. Hope it`ll work cause I can`t test it and still haven`t my game updated. Old version files moved to attached files in comments (11 post)

Extract the contents of the rar files you have chosen to download. Then extract rar archive and past the package files in your folder "D:\games\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\packages"
It will apears in your game with blue buttons in custom skintones list.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Max7 for feedback,
to Aikea Guinea for the tutorial
and Cmar for his awesome skininator.