No Autonomous Pet Toy Cleanup

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2011 at 7:54 AM
Updated: 4th May 2014 at 4:01 AM
Game version: 1.67
I don't think a mod of this nature will ever need updating, but I'll keep you all posted anyway.
I am behind a few expansions, but since this is created from the Sims 3 base game, it should still work with all versions. =)

This mod edits the following XMLs: "PutAway_PetToy, PutAwayPetToys_PetToy, and PutAwayToys_PetToyCrate"
Should not conflict with anything else.

I just recently began playing with Pets, and one of the first things I noticed is that my neat sims were constantly putting away my pet's toys. This didn't bother me much, as my dogs could always just access the toys again when needed. However, after I had my first litter of puppies this became a problem.

The puppies were unable to get toys on their own. I would find myself constantly dragging the toys out for them to chew on... meanwhile my sims kept trying to race to the toy to put it away.

While ideally I wanted to edit the pet toy box to allow puppies access, object mods are beyond my skill level. So I've made a simple tuning mod to prevent sims from autonomously putting away the toys. This also disables Butlers from cleaning them up. Maids will still clean up once a day.
You will still be able to direct your sims to pick them up, but it will not occur without your command.

Has been tested and confirmed working, however if anyone should find any issues please leave me a comment or PM.
Enjoy! ^^;

Additional Credits:
Peter Jones for S3PE Inge Jones, HystericalParoxysm & MTS for the XML tutorials
Thank you!