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Von Trapp Windows and Arts&Crafts Doors

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2011 at 3:11 AM
Updated: 31st Oct 2013 at 5:27 AM - text edit
Finally. No really - never again. After several months of prevarication - the Von Trapp windows and Arts & Crafts doors and some random extra bits. This window and door set is slaved to the Apartment Life Classical Curves Windows. It consists of 8 windows, 3 doors, 4 arches, a pair of curtains (????) and some architecture bits.

Despite my whimpering sounds in the file descriptions I am quite proud of them and am glad to get them off my harddrive and secure on MTS. As they are repository linked to the Apartment Life windows any recolours you have in your downloads folder for those windows will recolour these too.

Some fish like bla bla
The original Apartment Life windows had two recolourable subsets - the stone outer surround and the wooden interior bit. These do too. There never was a matching door for these windows (not really) and so I made a door. However, it is nice to have doors where the door has independent colours on both sides (so these do) and so I was bit stumped on the stone bits.

SOLUTION : Snap-on stone bits. Drop a stone surround over a door frame. Diagonals are provided. And, since I was there - a DOUBLE stone arch as well.

The ONE TILE STRAIGHT DOOR is the master for all the doors and arches - that is the one with the INNER wood colour of the door.

ItempolycountsubsetCatalogue LocationPrice
Privacy Window 1 tile3602Build Mode Doors and Windows60
Tiny window 1 and 2 tile3602Build Mode Doors and Windows80
Short window 1 and 2 tile4462Build Mode Doors and Windows160
Kitchen window 1 and 2 tile4602Build Mode Doors and Windows200
Double 2 on 3 Window9202Build Mode Doors and Windows300
Single Surround1241Buy Mode Deco Miscellaneous10
Double Surround1661Buy Mode Deco Miscellaneous10
Architecture Bit671Buy Mode Deco Miscellaneous10
Architecture Bit Corner341Buy Mode Deco Miscellaneous5
Master Arts and Crafts Door10802 (inside and outside colour separately)Build Mode Doors and Windows200
1 on 2 tile Arts and Crafts Door10802 (Repo linked to Master door)Build Mode Doors and Windows200
Double Arts and Crafts Door1936(ulp)2 (Repo linked to Master door)Build Mode Doors and Windows350
Arts and Crafts Arch2122 (inside and outside colour separately)Build Mode Doors and Windows100
1 on 2 tile Arts and Crafts Arch2122 (Repo linked to Master door)Build Mode Doors and Windows100
Double Arts and Crafts Arch2522 (Repo linked to Master door)Build Mode Doors and Windows180
Random Stone Arch3421Build Mode Doors and Windows180
Curtain3542 (repo linked to the Maxis Stewart Cafe Curtains)Buy Mode Deco Curtains80

Downloading - what files?
If it all looks nice - grab the last file on the list - that's everything in one rar. Nice and easy. If you just want bits grab the bits you want. The MASTER DOOR file is really there if someone shares a lot or something with a door or arch in but no master door. That is to stop stuff flashing blue, and maybe that lot downloader won't want all the other stuff.

Polygon Counts:
Polygon counts are applicable for the diagonal and straight versions.

Additional Credits:
All those simmers who have ever thanked or commented on one of my downloads and have made my day. Thank you to all of you.