Medieval Blacksmith - Forge - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding

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Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding - Medieval Blacksmith - Forge

Greetings, good gentles/ladies. We are The Merrye Makers - a group of eleven creators spanning all disciplines (clothing, lots, objects, etc.) offering for thy downloading pleasure a collection of medieval things most beauteous from Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding -- otherwise known as "Simdom Pudding".

From swords and armor to keys, nails, tools, and fish hooks for anglers, if it was made of metal, Ye Old Kingdom of Pudding blacksmith Ironinto Steel (fourth cousin, thrice removed of King Crumplebottom’s chivalrous Knight Christopher Steel) made it. Ironinto smelted iron ore in a bloomery, a chimney with heat-resistant walls made of stone. Near the bottom tuyères pipes allowed air to enter the furnace; keeping the furnace temperature low enough so that the iron didn’t melt. This produced a spongy mass called a bloom, which Ironinto then consolidated with a hammer. A perfectionist, workaholic Ironinto was afforded the protection of living within the fortified walls of King Crumplebottom’s castle.

Made by Hekate999 for The Merrye Makers.

Find the decorative items for your medieval blacksmith shop at The Merrye Makers upload here:
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Medieval Blacksmith Forge100031113Build Mode - FireplacesHekate999

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Known Issues:
The chimney has been made invisible so if you place the forge last on a building with a high roof then the smoke will float where the chimney cap used to be. We recommend that you use this on single storey buildings or outdoors or with an open roof on top.

Additional Credits:
Many thanks from The Merrye Makers to Hekate999 for all the medieval objects most beauteous!
Our thanks, also, to the MTS staff - especially Leesester - for their support and assistance.