Keen Eyes as creature defaults

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2011 at 3:47 PM
Updated: 25th Jan 2012 at 3:30 PM

Is this how you feel when you happen to get a creature sim, because you otherwise use Phaenoh's Keen Eyes?
No more. I finally broke down and (with plenty help) made 2 defaults for each creature.


You can only have one default for each creature. Pick and chose the one you like best.

The file contains all the defaults so dont put the entire folder directly into your downloads folder. I also included pictures of all the eyes so you will see how they all look.

The choices you have are:

-Vampire : Ruby OR Crystal
-Werewolf : Varnish OR Wildflower
-Bigfoot : Cerulean OR Mulberry
-Genie : Amethyst OR Aster
-Plantsim : Apple OR Wheatgrass (both have Aztec for the wilted stage)

If you wonder why you can't see the wilt eye colour, I can tell you it takes some serious Plantsim torture to get them to wilt. I know I will probably never again see that eye colour, but lets be thorough. Its there. For those of you that actually torture your sims

If you dont already have them:
Phaenoh’ Keen Eyes

CatOfEvilGenius also have contacts in crystal zombie contacts

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to:

Phaenoh both for the Keen Eyes and also because she convinced me to make the defaults myself.

Fantasyrogue that came to the rescue when bigfoot and genie refused to cooperate, s/he also made the Aster Default for genie in the process of figuring out the problem.