-Itty Bitty Birdhouses- Decorative Maxis Match Birdhouses

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Uploaded 3rd Jan 2012 at 2:35 AM

I had a request years ago from Canoodle to make decorative birdhouses. I was still learning meshing and recoloring it was a bit over my head to do the project how I wanted to do it so I put it aside. I saw mustluvcats's Decorative Snowman and decided it was time to finish it up already. These are all repo linked and the master is sitting in the middle of the mantle. They can be found in Deco > Sculptures.

These pretty little decorative birdhouses come in 10 different meshes, each with a walls subset and a roof subset linked to the master. Included as well are 25 recolor files based on Maxis walls and roofs. My math skills are a tad rusty, but I think that means that you have 6760 different wall/roof/house shape combinations.

These adorable little birdhouses go nicely inside and out. Pairing them with shiftable OMSP and you can have them hanging from the trees or nailed to them, attached to walls and barns, decorating your garden and yard.


P.S. I love hearing from you, and I'd love to see 'action shots' of my stuff in your photos/movies/stories.

Polygon Counts and Price:
Itty Bitty Birdy House MASTER: f310, $50
Itty Bitty Birdy Asian Roof House: f310, $55
Itty Bitty Birdy Barn Roof House: f310, $55
Itty Bitty Birdy Condos House: f810, $75
Itty Bitty Birdy Duplex House: f606, $65
Itty Bitty Birdy Eaves Roof House: f486, $60
Itty Bitty Birdy Tall House: f310, $60
Itty Bitty Birdy Tall Double House: f416, $65
Itty Bitty Birdy TriLarge House: f590, $75
Itty Bitty Birdy Wonky House: f858, $75

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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