Something Borrowed: Heritage Bridal Collection Part 3

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2012 at 10:15 PM
Something Borrowed

To finish my Heritage Bridal Collection, I picked back up on the family heirloom theme. Something "borrowed" was interpreted as the ring of a family matriarch, passed down to the new bride.

The Engagement Ring

After much debate in chat, it was determined that the engagement ring is typically the one with the diamond. I don't much fancy the EA ring, because it's not sparkly enough for me. I wanted something simple (yet shiny) to grace my sims' finger.

The Wedding Band

For some reason EA decided that females couldn't wear wedding bands, which I think is kinda silly.

So, I converted the male wedding band over to females.

The Stacked Rings

Annnnddd, bringing it all home, we have the stacked rings. Your new bride can display both her wedding ring and her engagement ring at the same time.

All rings are available for YA through elder, and have two channels (with the exception of the band, which only has one). The stacked rings are slaved to one another, meaning that they share the same texture.

Each ring comes with two versions, a studded one and a "plain" one. Plain simply means that it does not have a studded diamond overlay.

Looking for something blue?
Use CASt, kthnxbai.

Polygon Counts:
Engagement - 240
Wedding Band - 226

Stacked - 466

Additional Credits:
The black model's hair is an Anto conversion by Robodl95.

The bow hair is from the EA Store

My graphics are being shitty again...I'll try to update with better pictures later.