Adirondack Recolors

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2012 at 11:33 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2012 at 9:25 PM
Well, it's a new year, and I'm back from a hiatus, and I feel like uploading something that's NOT a door, a window, or a wall.

So it's officially winter now up here in the northern hemisphere. When it's winter I like to Sim warm places, and I've been working on building a Caribbean-esque tropical neighborhood. I wanted some outdoor furniture for it, and I've always liked EAxis's Adirondack stuff. I've just never been fond of most of EAxis's colors, especially not when it comes to the cushions. So, I'm sure you know what that means...

Specifically, I wanted plain white-ish wood, so I recolored the frame of the chair and the loveseat (which are linked) as well as the chaise and the end table, which are NOT linked to the chair/loveseat frames or to each other even though they use the same darn textures. Anyway, I made 'em all in white-ish. Behold:

However, I have this odd thing for changing how outdoor stuff looks over time in my own game, in order to make it look more worn and weathered with time. So, I made a white-after-it's-been-sitting-out-in-the-salt-air-for-a-few-years version of the same pieces, too. I thought I'd share them as well, for those of you who like grunge. Like so:

And then there are the cushions on the chair/loveseat. Oh, dear. I seriously dislike EAxis's patterns/colors. I wanted simple stripes and solids in matching colors so that they could be mixed and matched across a seating arrangement. And I wanted a LOT of color choices, to coordinate with the various walls I'm using for these "Caribbean" houses. So, that's what I made. 26 colors, specifically, most of them on the dark/bright side, but there are some pastels and a few neutrals mixed in there, too. There's a striped-with-white and a solid version for each color, for a total of 52 cushion recolors. Here are two of them, with all the others attached in 4 collage pics of 6 colors each:

All of the files are Compressorized and clearly named so that you can pick and choose the items you want to keep easily, and I've set this up two ways, basically. If you're lazy like me and you don't want to bother with clicking separate downloads, download the "Everything" file. Like the label says, everything's in there, but there's absolutely no organization, so you'll need to weed through it if you don't actually want everything. Or, if you want to pick and choose pieces to download, there are separate downloads for each of the pieces, too.

Note: Both versions of the cushions are together in one download, but I RARed them in separate folders so that if you want one version but not the other, you can extract just the folder you want and not bother with the other. In that download, I've also included a large and not-hideously-compressed labeled collage image that shows both versions of all 26 cushion colors. Unfortunately, since the image is large in size and saved at maximum quality, it's about 3x bigger in file size than all of the recolors put together. So don't let the size of that one download deceive you; the cushion recolors themselves are teeny-tiny files, roughly 8-10KB each, while the reference image is about 1.2MB, and you can get rid of it once you're done with it. There's a copy of the same pic in the "everything" file for weeding purposes, as well.

I hope these and some other "tropical" stuff that I intend to upload will make my fellow temperate-zone northern hemisphere dwellers feel a bit warmer. And Happy New Year, y'all!