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More re-colorable modern carpets

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2012 at 11:27 PM
Aaaaaand... here are eight more modern carpets. I had the other set of eight all batched up and ready to go ages ago, but never had time to upload the package. In the meantime, I made some more. If it's really important to someone to have them all in one package for some reason, leave a comment and I'll put a combined set together. Otherwise, you'll find all eight of these carpets in the Decor category, under Rugs. The group will show up as an item called "Modern 3 x 2 Rugs." There will be one thumbnail that looks like one of the carpets in the screenshots. All of the other rugs are available using that thumbnail -- just click, wait for a second for the description to appear and scroll through the options; or click on the rug with the artist's palette to choose a version in Create-a-Style. Each rug costs 450 simoleons.

All rugs were created by me, using Photoshop brushes and cmomoney's brilliant tutorials. Are are 3-channel re-colorable to fit in with any decor. Hope you find these useful for your Sims' houses.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to cmomoney for the excellent tutorial on rugs and for the tutorial on adding multiple images to the same object. Also to the creators of S3PE and S3OC. The screenshots include items from joninmobile's re-colorable High End Loft painting, Baba Yaga's clutter pack, lemoncandy's Study Clutter and/or Killic*a's recolorable vases, all of which I use pretty much everywhere, and all of which are awesome. Thanks!