*By Request* Glucose Monitor *UPDATED*

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2012 at 8:43 PM
Updated: 4th Feb 2013 at 3:02 PM
Originally Posted by KaninchenLover
Hi! I saw that you take requests, and I have a request. Okay, so this might sound a bit strange, but here it goes. I was wondering if you could maybe make a decorative blood glucose meter for me. Why? Well... I'm diabetic, as is a lot of my family, and I check my blood sugar several times a day. My sim-self, however, currently has no means of checking HER blood sugar. Those poor diabetic sims... Lol! I've been searching all over the place FOREVER for one (Aka since at least April), and I have found a lot of medical things, which are awesome - but no blood glucose meter, as far as I can see. So... I was wondering if maybe you could figure out a way to make a decorative one for me.

KaninchenLover sent me this request for a Blood Glucose Monitor and sent me some pictures of her monitor to help me out. So I made it, but since it's such a small object and looked so lonely on the counter, I went and borrowed my mom's test strip container and finger-pricker thingie (I've been informed that it's called a lancet, but I prefer finger-pricker thingie) to get some pics so I could add to the mesh. So here you go. The object is named the SimMedical Single Touch Super Blood Glucose Monitor, a play upon the name of the actual item, the One-Touch Ultra. It is found under Decorative/Sculptures and cost $100.

EDIT 2/4/2013: So I finally got bored enough to make asmaller version of this, after several people remarked about the huge size. The smaller one is approximately the same size as a sims' palm, which is only a little bigger than the real life monitor. Pictures of the smaller version have been added below.

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