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Goggles! Plain or with a grid, on your eyes or forehead.

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Uploaded: 31st Jan 2012 at 2:04 PM
Updated: 31st Jan 2012 at 10:39 PM - Removed EsmereldaF's stenciled version from the packages and images. Sorry!
I adore the Rave Goggles that EsmereldaF made, but the symbols on the lenses were bugging me for a couple of reasons (OK, mostly because I wanted one particularly dorky inventor Sim to have uttlerly shattered lenses, which you can see in the images below. But also because hey -- sometimes a club kid has to have options, you know?)

Anyway, the lovely EsmereldaF gave me her OK to upload a couple of new packages with different styles for the lenses on her meshes in case any of the rest of you prefer your goggles without the extra flair. There are completely plain lenses (opaque, so you can pattern them however you want) and there are lenses with a grid pattern like the original, but without the stencil.

The forehead and over-eye sets comes in different .packages. Each .package has both different lenses, for a total of the four options shown below:

Both the over-eye and forehead .packages are in the single download file, with pretty obvious names (the forehead one has the word forehead in it.) You can have one or both of my .package files in your mods with no problem. Neither .package conflicts with the originals by EsmereldaF, so you can also have her files in your mods at the same time.

As with EsmereldaF's originals, both sets of these goggles will be found in the Accessories section under Glasses, and are enabled for both Male and Female, from Teen to Elder. When you see them in CAS, the the first preset will be plain lenses and second will be the plain grid (it's obvious for the over-eye goggles, but pretty hard to see in the thumbnails of the forehead version.) All of the goggles have three channels each, as shown in these RGB headshots:

As with the originals, you can pattern them any way you like -- I tweaked the colors in a rock/stone pattern to "shatter" my dorky inventor's lenses:

You can also get some sweet day-glo effects for your Sims who like to sleep all day and party all night:


Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
EsmereldaF for the original goggles, and the CTU Team for
the ever-awesome CTU