Annabelle Acres Farm

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This quaint country farmhouse nestled amongst century-old oak trees has been meticulously well maintained by its previous owners. Currently unoccupied, this house would work well for a young, growing family. The first floor master sits across the hall from the nursery, while the three upstairs bedrooms and the loft are devoted to the older children. The property includes a charmingly antiquated barn with a two-stall stables, a paddock for the horses, and a small pond.

The house has a formal living room (shown here), an open eat-in kitchen, and a cozy family room.

The nursery is quite large. There is plenty of space for all the toddler toys.

The upstairs is designed as a playroom/teen hangout. There are three bedrooms, one for the boys and two rooms for the girls. The house sleeps six comfortably, plus the crib for a baby or toddler.

  • 5 Bedrooms/3 Full Baths
  • First Floor Master with en Suite
  • First Floor Nursery
  • Play Area
  • Family Room/Den
  • Barn with Two-Stall Stables
  • Loft Area Above the Stables
  • Pond
  • Dog House (Matches the Farmhouse )

Lot Details:
  • Lot Size- 50x50
  • Furnished- §114,725
  • Unfurnished- §62,808

CC Used:
  • Country Windows by HugeLunatic. I only used one window on the entire lot from this set, so it's not imperative. If you don't want to download it, I recommend putting two of the single tile "Truth Divider" windows in its place. (It's the window on the first floor to the left of the front door.)
  • Curtain Height Adjustment by granthes. So the curtains stay at the right height.
  • Generations: Fixes For "Natural"*Family Portrait & Dream of the Windrunner Paintings by ThomasRiordan. Also not required, but one of the paintings in the little girl's room upstairs uses one of the unlocked images.
  • PermaWood Stairs Fix by Menaceman44. This mod fixes the channels on the PermaWood stairs. It's completely optional, but it makes the stairs look more polished.

Store Content Used:
(Everything marked with an asterisk (**) is required if you want it to look right. The rest is just decorative and not required.)
Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: §114,725

Additional Credits:
Everyone at CFF who helped me improve my lot. Thank you!