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Archer Poses

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2012 at 8:19 PM
Updated: 27th Feb 2012 at 4:03 PM
This poses set is designed to be use with my Fantasy Bow Accessories set
You can find the bow set in my blog.

To use my poses
  1. Download and install cmomoney's lastest version Pose Player.
  2. Buy it in the Decorations/Miscellaneous section (at the starving artist price of $1) and place anywhere on the lot.
  3. With the sim you want to pose selected, click on the Pose Player and select 'Select Pose from List'.
  4. The sim will do the pose. They will stay posed until the interaction is canceled.

For pose 6: Pause the game while your sim horse is galloping. Then use moveobjects on to move sims and sim horse to your desire location to take your picture.

Picture Credits
Elven Archer: Warrier Princess n2 by altea127 ;
TearDropTiara_by BlackSweety
Human female Archer: Warrier Princess by altea127 ;
Link: Link's Hair from the Legend of Zelda by JulieAlesha ; Medieval Clothes for Men By Kiara24 - the MedievalMenPants.rar and MedievalMenBoots.rar
Ninja: Sims 2 Ninja Mask for Men and Women, Teen to Elder *UPDATE: NEW WHITE TEXTURE* by EsmeraldaF

Additional Credits:
cmomoney for his amazing pose player
orangemittens for her tutorial
Wes' AnimTool
mesher for his TS3 Animation base
Inge Jones for S3PE and all those who provide assistance and encouragement during the creation of these poses at Creator Feedback.

Update Note: Made some minor alterations to screen shots as per approval comments