Vilain Pingouin Frontman Rudy Caya

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2012 at 10:40 PM
Updated: 12th May 2022 at 4:42 PM
Hi everyone!

Today I bring you my very top music idol of all times. Singer, song writer and guitarist for Vilain Pingouin (he also goes solo from time to time):


Some of you probably know my love of rockers like Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi; I also love KISS very much. Still... To me Rudy is better. I'm serious. I listen to his rock more than to any big american band and it's not a question of being chauvinist. He's just that good. ^^

I have two versions of Rudy Caya here.

- Rudy then (years 1990s)
- Rudy now (years 2010s)

Rudy then (years 1990s)

Rudy now (years 2010s)

Vilain Pingouin has been band of the year in 1991 in the province of Quebec. Successful tour in France in 1994. Still rocking now in 2012... they were on tour the whole time I prepared this upload and will still be for several months.

Always only in french. They chose to stay true to who they are... no matter the price. The market is very limited when you sing in french. Vilain Pingouin are passionate of music and people. And they got immense talent. If you're in the area (Montreal, Quebec City, etc), you got to see them live at least once in your lifetime. They might not be as *big-budget special effects* as KISS but they communicate as much energy as them on stage.

Vilain Pingouin sound has something of garage rock, american country music, and something of the 60s. They use a lot of unusual instruments in their music like for example harp, accordeon, harmonica and mandoline. Their music has a lot of punch, their lyrics are intelligent and Rudy, himself is a natural winner. He's friendly to everyone, smart, funny, and bites life by the ass. He might not be very tall but he's strong like four.

Rudy has had a health issue at the end of last year, and I promised him and myself I would finish his sim before he retires. He's said this could be his last year playing and touring. He's in his young fifties.

I have a special bond to him; he's been there for me on Facebook on a particular dark night of my life in 2008; despite me being just a fan, at like 3 am we've had a short conversation which placed my head back straight. If I'm still here to talk about it, it's a little thanks to him. So I decided to put all I got as sim-making talent in his sim. I am satisfied and proud of the result, his sim-now is probably my best sim so far, very close to Rudy himself.

A few songs on You Tube, by Rudy and Vilain Pingouin (great stuff)

Salut Salaud
Le Train
Marche Seul
On s'rentre dedans

Try their music, even if you don't understand french. Their videos are energetic, creative, young, there's something punk about them, they're still fresh after over two decades - they look as if they were made just yesterday.

Rudy's Facebook
Rudy's My Space
Vilain Pingouin's Facebook
Vilain Pingouin's website (french)
Vilain Pingouin on Wiki

You can make Rudy a pure Popularity sim; if you have Freetime installed you can add a Family side, Rudy's got music as first passion, but his family is also very dear to him, especially his kids. Rudy is all about being everyone's friend and sharing his music and immense energy with as many people as possible; but still making time for his family and close ones.

Even if you don't know them at all, if you read this far, give him a try anyway, he's way worth it. And hey, he isn't bad looking at all!

Minor bug:
Rudy's sim has strange folds on the side of his eyes. I cannot remove them without ruining my work entirely. I don't think it's an important issue, but it's visible.

Rudy isn't very tall; for more realism feel free to try Maxis' stretchskeleton cheat at 95%.


Rudy 1990s

Sim face sculpt by me
Lip neutralizer by me
Rudy's eyebrows by me
Eyes by Barcelonista @MTS2
Skintone by Corvidophile2 @Sironasims
Short leather coat outfit - clothing recolor by Cocomama @MTS2

NOT INCLUDED - 1 mesh to get
Clothing mesh by Cocomama @MTS2 - get the mesh here

Rudy now

Sim face sculpt by me
Lip neutralizer by me
Rudy's eyebrows by me
Rudy's stubble by me
Rudy's stubbled hair by me
Eyes by Barcelonista @MTS2
Make up details by SimpleLife
Skintone by Corvidophile2 @Sironasims
Cowboy jeans by fanseelamb @MTS2
a random Maxis top because I couldn't include the hoodie - get it below

NOT INCLUDED - 2 meshes and 1 recolor to get
Hoodie recolor by Randir @MTS2 - get the recolor here
Hoodie's mesh by Migamoo @MTS2 - get the mesh here
Cowboy jeans mesh by fanseelamb @MTS2 - get the mesh here

I got Rudy's approval on Facebook about all of this. Thanks Rudy for your support on the project!
People! Go visit Rudy on facebook! ^^

A big thanks to all the talented creators who let me include their awesome work to my sim or pictures here.
Enjoy the sim!

Custom Content by Me:
- Rudy Caya as in the 1990s, as a sim
- Lip Neutralizer
- Rudy's light brown uneven eyebrows
- Rudy Caya as he is now, as a sim
- Rudy's salt n pepper light brown stubble
- Rudy's salt n pepper light brown stubbled hair

Custom Content Included:
- Eyes by Barcelonista by Barcelonista
- Oepu edit by corvidophile2-pale by Corvidophile
- MAsliqGreaser5 by Cocomama
- Makeup detail - mouth by SimpleLife
- Makeup detail - nose by SimpleLife
- Makeup detail - jaw by SimpleLife
- Makeup detail - forehead by SimpleLife
- Makeup detail - brow by SimpleLife
- [black low-rise cowboy jeans with belt] by fanseelamb

Additional Credits:

Lips by SimpleLife (sim is packed with my Lip Neutralizer; last minute decision)
Fedora by SSChan
Retro microphone by Cokenasmile
Microphone from the Movie Superstar set by AbstractSIMmer187
Gibson Explorer guitar by Nemos
Decorative Marshall amps and acoustic guitar by Atavera
Speakers by Syltc
Stage gear set by Lethe S
Floor by Pixelhate
Light panels by Xanathon
Buyable Fog by Lethe S
Model poses by Decorgal
Green walls and floors by CatOfEvilGenius

Everything listed here is available on MTS2

Rudy's drummer wears an outfit by Fanseelamb.

Of course this has been made basegame compatible thanks to Numenor and his Any Game Starter program

And a lot of the stuff has been made possible thanks to Bodyshop and SimPE; the big wide pics possible thanks to Fraps; thanks to the creators of these programs! And thanks to MTS2 Staff!

Edit : Wow. A gold star for Rudy's sim. This is totally unexpected and awesome. I am having tears. Thanks, whoever decided this!! :D

Edit : I don't know if it's visible for everyone, but if I look at the top of this page, I can see Rudy Caya 'liked' this!