SHT: Simply Stylish Wall -Fence Fixed!

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2012 at 1:03 PM
Showtime gave us tons of nice new stuff, and a few total "WHY?" -moments. The Simply Stylish Wall -fence was one of those for me. WHY was it mapped so that any brick pattern etc. would rotate vertical on it??!

Well, with this little mod you don't need to suffer from that stupidity anymore.

I fixed the rotation on pattern A, so it is now the correct way.

The file is a default override and fixes the pattern rotation on the fence. Everything else is left as they were (price, catalog locations and so on).

Game requirements:
Obviously you will need Showtime (SHT) EP to use this, with patch 12.0.273 or newer.

I altered the CFEN resource of the Simply Stylish Wall -fence. Any mod that alters the same resource (in detail below) will conflict with this mod.

If you use this on a lot, the downloader will need to download the fix file from me, otherwise it will look like EA made it.

Below are full sized pics of the fence in it's original shape, and the fix.

Please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Thanks Lee.