Two Sets of Chinese Sign Tattoos: Warrior and Maiden

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Uploaded 20th Mar 2012 at 12:04 PM · Updated 22nd Mar 2012 at 1:56 PM by Kimsie : Clarified meaning of signs

That the sims now can have tattoos is great! But I quickly got bored by the only four options. Looking around I couldn't find all I wanted so I decided to make my own and here present to you my first Sims 3 Creation: Chinese Tattoos.

All tattoos are "real" in-game tattoos, meaning they show up in the tattoo-tab in CAS and that you need Base Game Patch 1.12 or Ambitions installed. They look good in all places though the smaller ones can look a bit blurry unless you change the size/opacity. The tattoos are all recolourable and have three presets: black (the one in the pictures), red and blue. They only have one recolourable channel (really, how many different colours do you need for one sign? :-) ). I spent quite a bit of time on these and hope you are as happy with them as I am.

I know that there already are a few chinese sign tattoos out there, but my problem was: If I have many different chinese signs, how can I remember what they mean? And I don't want to tattoo some cool sign just to later find out it means "soup" (thumbs up if you get the reference!). Therefore I've changed all the thumbnails for the tatto to display a descriptive text (see below). This text will not appear when choosing the tattoo.

NOTE: I've checked all the signs to make sure they are correct. Unfortunately I don't read chinese so I've been at the mercy of Google Translate If any of them do happen to be wrong, please let me know and I'll change them.

Maiden Set Thumbnails

Warrior Set Thumbnails

So far I've made two sets: Warrior and Maiden but I have plans of doing several more sets if these are appreciated.

Additional Credits:
daluved1 for the great tutorial on how to make tattoos
CmarNYC for making Tattooinator
Creators of S3PE