Easier/Harder Genie Lamp Acquisition (UPDATED FOR 1.48)

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Uploaded 9th Apr 2012 at 8:16 PM · Updated 6th Feb 2013 at 7:30 AM by dim4sim : forgot to update title

Are you having trouble obtaining a dusty old lamp for your sims to play around with? Well, fret no more!

  • 2013-02-05 Updated for 1.48, namely the LTR Tuning
  • 2012-04-16 Added a new flavor for the Lifetime Reward option, for those who prefer to be less cheaty: Genie Lamp now costs 60,000 LTH

Important Details:
  • This mod requires the Showtime Expansion.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.33, but should be compatible with 1.31 as well.

  • This is an XML tuning mod and should not conflict with any script or core mod.
  • This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the Mausoleum_0x639d4fc25ce639ab, ElectroDanceSphere_0x7d37a52e0b619694, Traits_0x905E2204EBCAC0B6, and ShowStage_0x15be3229756d5695 resources individually, in the GameplayData.package. If you do not pick a specific set of overrides, you will not have any conflicts.
  • Anything that overrides traits/rewards WILL CONFLICT with the Lifetime Reward override.
  • Does not conflict withe the mod allowing sim to enter catacombs if terrified.
  • If you are not sure if a mod will conflict with another, use Delphy's Sims 3 Dashboard Tool to check.

Lifetime Reward: Dusty Old Lamp
dim4sim.GenieLampLTR10kDusty Old Lamp costs only 10000 Lifetime Happiness instead of 30000.
dim4sim.GenieLampLTR20kDusty Old Lamp costs only 20000 Lifetime Happiness instead of 30000.
dim4sim.GenieLampLTR60kDusty Old Lamp costs 60000 Lifetime Happiness instead of 30000.

dim4sim.Mausoleum.HigherLampChanceChance to grab a Genie Lamp from the Mausoleum while exploring the Catacombs changed from 3% to 15%.
dim4sim.Mausoleum.HigherLampChance.MoreEventsHigher chance to grab a Genie Lamp from the Mausoleum while exploring the Catacombs changed from 3% to 15%. Events happen between 10 and 20 seconds instead of between 20 and 50 seconds.

Electro Dance Sphere
dim4sim.ElectroDanceSphere.HigherLampChanceHigher chance to grab a Genie Lamp from the Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor while traveling through the Dimensional Gate changed from 8% to 15%.

Stage Performance
dim4sim.Performance.LampChanceAfter10LegendaryOnly need 10 Legendary performances instead of 20 before getting a chance to get a Genie Lamp.
dim4sim.Performance.LampChanceAfter10GreatOnly need 10 Great performances instead of 20 Legendary performances before getting a chance to get a Genie Lamp.

Only use one flavor per tuning.

Please comment or PM me if you have any problems with this mod, or if you want to request a new flavor.

Additional Credits:
Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE. Twallan for his general awesomeness and NRaasPacker.

Type: Other

Tags: #genie, #lamp, #dusty old lamp, #catacombs, #mausoleum, #plasma punch gyroscopic conductor