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-Foundation Challenge- Log Cabin by the Lake

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2012 at 9:30 PM
Updated: 16th May 2017 at 5:12 PM
Twins Todd Oliver and Alisa May Jenson both love the outdoors. They've always dreamed out having a beautiful log cabin home they can come back to after a long day of hiking and insect collecting. They've realized their dreams after their Nana died and left them some money. It wasn't much but together they were able to afford their little cabin. What really sold them on this house in particular, is their little rock-quarry lake off the back porch. They adding a diving board and ladder and love cooling off in the lake. They also have a small hot springs in one corner and the lake is stocked full of fish.

The twins enjoy gardening and are trying to live as off the grid as possible.They have a small garden on the side of the house, and there are solar panels on the roof. They do have a station wagon because its quite a hike to get back to town. Now they both love a good hike, but not so much when it is part of a grocery run. Newspapers and kitchen scraps get composted to help the plants grow.

They love that their house is a traditional pine cabin, with a small but gorgeous fireplace in the living room. The cozy little cabin didn't have much room for a giant hearth, but Todd Oliver is thrilled that the woodstove is an original from the 1800s. The previous owners of the cabin had real class. The bookshelves are full of trinkets they've picked up on their trips and a few things from Nana. They each have their own easy chair to curl up in next to the fire. Sometimes Alisa May will do embroidery there while Todd Oliver reads. The bathroom is simple and in-keeping with the style of the house, and they each have their own rooms with quilts Alisa May made. Todd Oliver has his bug collection and a TV to keep up to date on events and sports. Alisa May has a lovely little sewing nook which she uses constantly in the evenings. She made both their quilts and the curtains throughout the cabin. She doesn't have much interest in sewing clothes for them, but as part of their dream to be entirely self-sufficient, she is learning. Making fitted shirts is much harder than just sewing back on the occasional button.

Their kitchen is a lovely little gem. Its just big enough for the two of them and they grow and cook organic as often as they can. Alisa May loves spreading flowers, home-made quilts and decorations all throughout the house. Once a month, they go into town for the local farmers market and their favorite is homemade jam - strawberry and apricot. When the weather is nice, they can eat outside on their flower porch. After dinner a porch swing overlooking the lake is nice for winding down in the evenings and just listening to the forest.

The twins go hiking every chance they get, and take camping trips on the weekends. They are very happy that they don't have to go far to the trail heads or have much time blocked out anymore to enjoy their outdoor activities. They are just getting settled in, but with the house entirely paid for, they are considering going jobless and just living life as they believe it should be lived - as close to nature as possible.


Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: $72,832

Custom Content NOT Included:
- Modular Fence by Huge_Lunatic
- Master for Itty Bitty Birdy Houses by Phaenoh
- Master for Waterfall Matching Rocks by Marvine
- Invisible Garden Plot Bases by fway (pictured by not needed)
- White Roof Trim by Phaenoh (pictured by not needed)

Custom Content Included:
From MTS:
- Itty Bitty Condo House and WoodPlayground-Wall-Maple by Phaenoh
- Rocks Fence by TheJim07
- Country Window with Shutters 1 and 2 tiles by plasticbox
- Giant Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- "Bodacious Bonsai Bonanza" for tables by fway
- Potted Mini Arum by ShanOw
- Stand-aloneTV-27in, and OutdoorLantern by Numenor
- Ceiling SmokeAlarm by Targa
- Coco's Quiltshop Fabricbolt2 and Recolor, Vertical Fabricbolt2 and Recolor, and Fabricbolt3 by Cocomama
- Modern/Deco Style Umbrella Stand and Recolor by Boblishman
- Decorative Throw - Silversong Creations by Reyn
- Club Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- FestiveTablecloth_PlaidRC8 by Grito
- Waterfall Matching Rock 2, 3, 7, and 10 by Marvine
- Mission Style Porch Swing and Recolor by cokenasmile
- Shakerlicious Curvy Cooker and Recolor, Kettle by Buggybooz
- 1978 Ford Fairmont Wagon by Fresh Prince
- Fun-Kadelic Bookshelf Stereo System by Honeywell
- Arts and Crafts Door and Recolor, and Double Arch; Short Stewart Curtains by leesester
- "Ultra Funky Curtain Clothes" on 2 tiles by DJLee @ MTS2 by DJLee
- HEMNES 3 Drawer Dresser Recolor by Menaceman44
- OMSP Stairs and Recolor by JohnBrehaut1
- OMSP Endtable and Recolor, OMSP Useable Counter and Recolor by Lord Darcy
- ShiftableShelf2 and Recolor by SilentLucidity
- Invisible Tile by Frillen

From Off-site:
- "Woodcutters" Log Pile by Kate
- Country Kitchen Marmelade pots, Condiments and recolor; Sleigh Bedroom Alarm Clock; Ibiza Outdoor Tray with glasses; Fashion Studio Deco set, Dummy, Patterns, and Sewing Machine by Sandy
- 'Mountain Retreat' Tub by Holy Simoly
- Rustic Water Pump by lmhwjs

From Dead Sites:
- SimpleKitchenCurtain, Rock Spa, and FestiveTablecloth by Nengi65
- Lil' Teddybear by fairywitch
- Spx Abandoned coatrack and recolor by Xiomara (dead site)

Additional Credits:
wgroome for the foundation contest