Green Day - Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool

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Uploaded 14th Apr 2012 at 8:40 AM · Updated 28th Jun 2013 at 5:35 PM by angiebabe1859

Finally here they are! Legendary (and my personal favorite) rock band Green Day! Featuring lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backup vocalist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. Founded in 1987 in Berkeley, California, with 11 arse-kicking albums, Green Day has been the king of punk for almost 30 years!

I originally created Mike only (so my self-sim could marry him in game… yes, I’m a stalker nerd :P) I liked the way he turned out, so I decided to make Billie Joe and Tre as well and upload them.

CC Included:

For Billie Joe:
-REALipstick by Shyne here
-Eyebags by Arisuka in natural here
-Jeans by Club Crimsyn here
-Leather pants by Club Crimsyn here
-Necklace by My Blue Book here
-Oh my eyes as contacts by Escand (and Mike is previewed with the defaults) here
-Eyebrows 15 by Watermelon Field (because the download link is dead) here
-Star tattoo (number 1) by JoniBlair here

For Mike:
-REALipstick by Shyne here
-Eyebags by Arisuka in natural here
-Star tattoo (number 1) by JoniBlair here
-Eyebrows 14 by Watermelon Field (because the download link is dead) here
-Leather vest by Heiret (because the site is dead) here
-Pandorica jeans by Club Crimsyn here
-Square-toed shoes by Club Crimsyn here
-Necklace by My Blue Book here
-Subtle wrinkles as facemask by Arisuka here

For Tre:
-REALipstick by Shyne here
-Eyebags by Arisuka in natural here
-Groomed and styled brows by Nandonalt here

CC Not Included:
-TummyZa male hairy skin (updated with no abs for Late Night version). (for all of them) here
-TummyZa Aikea blend male face. (for all of them) (available as a separate file when you download) here
- Default replacement stubble by KittyKlan (for Billie Joe) here
-Vans shoes by Lilisims (for Billie Joe and Tre) here
-HiDef blush by KittyKlan (for Tre and Billie Joe) here
-Ulkhrsn male hair recolor by Savio (for Mike) here
-Sizz HaNui hair by My Blue Book (for Billie Joe) here
-Faux hawk by Club Crimsyn (for Tre) here
-Male waistcoat with tie by Ekky_Sims (for Mike) here
-Pants series 09 by Rusty Nail (for Mike) here
-Hearts & Stars tattoo (left arm) by Kitty Klan (for Mike) here
-SoftGlo blush by Kitty Klan (for Mike) here
-Short sleeves and tie shirt at The Store (for Tre) here **If you don’t want to buy it, I recommend Rusty Nail’s ‘something cool’ shirt as an alternative! here
-Pants Series 10 by Rusty Nail (for Tre) here
-Realistic Eyes by Shadowwolf5889 (for Tre) here

Sliders Used:
-Chin-to-neck slider by Heiret (the site’s dead, you should find it here )
-Head shape slider by Jonha here
-Hermi’s lip slider by Jasumi here
-Nose septum sliders by awt here (both of them)
-Face sliders by Bella3lek4 here (brow thickness, brow outer corner height, eye stretch, eye width, jaw line width, and chin width only)

*Packaged without custom hair and skin

**UPDATE** I've added a zip file that contains the sims without custom clothes or accessories for those who don't want them packed with the sim. So this way, you can download them separately, everything else is the same though.

I also used awesomemod to increase the number of sliders and slider scale (multiplied by 2)

Special thanks to all the amazing creators of the custom content and sliders used. And thanks to cmomoney, IMHO, r2m, oh77, and addie for the awesome poses used in the screenshots.
And please DON’t re-upload them!