Eyescapes in 20 shades

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Uploaded: 4th May 2012 at 9:09 PM
Hi, everyone! I'm very excited about this eyeset, since it's my first one and it came out so well. The goal here was to make the eyes as realistic as possible, so they are all photoskinned from Rankin's Eye Scapes. (The artist's site has a lot of nudity, so I wasn't sure about posting a link. o__o") The series focuses on the beauty of the human iris. While many of the colors look very yellow, they are actually blue, brown or green, If you've ever looked at an iris up close, you'll understand this.

There are 20 eyes in all- 12 blues, 4 browns, and 4 greens. There is a lot of variety in the blue category, ranging from very pale to very bright. Each eye is unique, down to the pupil size. The only thing alike is the sclera and reflection. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! They are all properly tooltipped with the color name and a credit to me.

If anyone wants to make these into defaults or contacts, feel free, but I'd prefer these for defaults:

Brown - Coffee
Light blue - Sky
Dark blue - True
Gray - Air Force
Green - Pistachio

Additional Credits:
Shady's sclera, slightly modified. Used and edited with permission!
Female hair by Nouk
Male hair by AlfredAskew
Skin tones by Hysterical Paroxysm
Makeup by Anva and bruno
Brows by Helaene
Male dress shirt by Backerbse
White dress by XM Sims