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Love and Horses - A Pose Pack

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 11th May 2012 at 12:03 AM
Updated: 13th May 2012 at 1:04 AM

The pose player was recently updated to be able to play animal poses, so naturally my next pack had to involve furry friends of some kind--so I present, the Love and Horses Pose Pack!

I will note: this is a very large pose pack. It consists of 24 poses total: 6 horse poses, 16 adult poses, and 2 toddler poses. The reason for this is that this pack is what you might call a "mix and match pose set"; there are multiple rider poses for each horse pose included. Some of them can be used with other poses, but the 'recommended' pairings are indicated by those with the same number in the pose code; ie, 01a fits best with 01b, 01c, 01d, 01e, and 01f.

The use of an OMSP or Debug Enabler to raise the rider onto the horse is not needed.

I also want to apologize for the previews not showing any additional angles; there are so many poses I would have had to upload a ridiculous amount of pictures to show you guys close-ups on all of them.

How to Use:

Make sure to have THE MOST RECENT version of cmomoney's Pose Player installed; it is required to play the Horse poses.

Place the .package file included in this download in your Mods/Packages folder.
In Buy Mode, find the Pose Player under 'Misc Decor', and place on the Lot.
Select either "Pose by Name" or "Select Pose from List". This pose pack DOES support compatibility with the Pose List function.

If using "Pose by Name", the pose codes are as follows:

Horse Poses:
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove01a: Leaning Down to Kiss (Horse)
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove02a: Looking to Left, Standing (Horse) <- Special Thanks to [email protected], who made this pose for me to include ♥
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove03a: Laying Down (Horse)
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove04a: Looking Right, Standing (Horse)
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove05a: Walking (Horse)
  • ah_Kaleeko_HorseLove06a: Sitting Down (Horse)
Human Poses:
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove01b: Sitting Kissy vs1
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove01c: Sitting Kissy vs2
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove01d: Hugging Horse Neck from Side
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove01e: Touching Nose and Neck
  • p_Kaleeko_HorseLove01f: Reaching Up to Nose (Toddler)
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove02b: Sitting Side-Saddle
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove02c: Holding Nose, Kissing Face
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove02d: Laying on Horseback, Legs Crossed
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove03b: Cuddling with Horse's Nose
  • p_Kaleeko_HorseLove03c: In Mother's Arms (Toddler)
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove03d: Laying Against with Arms Crossed
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove04b: Riding Posture, Looking Backwards
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove04c: Standing, Holding Head in Both Hands
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove04d: Laying Forward, Kissing Neck
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove05b: Leading Horse
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove05c: Riding with Partner (front)
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove05d: Riding with Partner (back)
  • a_Kaleeko_HorseLove06b: Hugging Sitting Horse

(Please refer to the attached pictures for reference.)

Note: On the previews pictures for 1A/1B and 5A/5B, there has been Photoshop Editing. The reins are NOT part of the pose or Downloadable CC!!

Any questions regarding use of the Pose Player should be addressed in the comments on the Pose Player's page, please.

CC on the Models:

Margo's Hair by Anto: http://coolsims.net/?show=hair3&page=1
Margo's Skin by Shyne: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.ca/2012...2-by-shyne.html
Ian's Hair Retexture by My Blue Book: http://mybluebookblog.blogspot.ca/
Ian's Skin (Strawberry): http://mysims3blog.blogspot.ca/2010...y-set-of-3.html
Eye Defaults (Shiny Eyes): http://www.modthesims.info/d/363888
Basic Halter by Morning Star Equestrian: http://morningstarequestriansims.we...sic-halter.html

Download the Models: Margo May Kane (Teen) & Ian Pesce

Thanks for downloading!

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the Pose Player!
"A" for his Blender Rigs and Plug-Ins!
[email protected] for help with some of the poses!