Escape the Bin Series: Hassan Mohsen

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Uploaded: 26th May 2012 at 8:31 PM
Updated: 17th Feb 2013 at 11:39 AM
---------------------------This is my Tenth Upload!----------------------
Today is a special day: its my tenth upload!
And to celebrate this momentous occasion, I present to you a sim just as special.

Certainly one of my most requested sims, I seem to have been saving the best for last. He is the fourth and last of many sims from my "Escape the Bin "mini series, which consist of many sims that were requested and/ or sims that were sitting in my bin for some time.
I was suppose to upload him a whopping 4 years ago but he was always missing a little something that always got in the way of me going through with it.Now I 'm glad I waited to perfect him ,so that now he can have that "spark" I wanted and I hope you see it too.

Meet Hassan:

Bio:Hassan is very caring and warm hearted, intelligent, and is headed into the medical profession. He loves his family and friends, but is not much of a party-goer, unless there's lots of food! He's a natural cook. And with those lips, you know he HAS to be a great kisser!

Traits: family orientated, natural cook, great kisser, loner, genius
Lifetime Wish To be a world renowned surgeon

aikea guinea's Fear of Ghosts Hair I love this hair and its blended textures,it's as if it was made for him :p
Hp's "Custard" Anti-Puddingface Texture Replacer
Escand's Oh My Eyes
Eye Baggage and chin strap goatee defaults by Robo kitty
Channyvivin's Moisture Sheer Lipstick

Optional but Recommended
HP's Increased Shine
Default updated Body skin and Body hair by TummyZa
No extra sliders except for jonha's Head Size Slider I just used it slightly.You can barely notice the difference without it but I do since I'm OCD :p
Tamo's Mock Mods eye glasses

For the sake of convience for you simmers, every thing is maxis accept for:
Barely There Scarf by The Sims 3 store I swear he's the only male sim I've seen who can pull off a skinny scarf
Men's Simply Formal Vest by Fresh Prince
Lorandia male D&G shoes
09 and 08of Rusty Nail's Pants Series

Hooray! I'm done!
If you still yet to have seen a sim from me that you requested and I promised to release , feel free to pm me, so that I can find a way to get that lucky sim to you asap

Happy Simming and Don't forget to thanks ,comment, favourite

Additional Credits
To Simmiller- who wrote that lovely bio and with much research gave him his last name
To Arisuka- who gave him his first name when she beseeched:
please name him Hassan!Ripped that name straight out from the book Kite Runner[because] Hassan is probably the best fictional person ever...
And just like that,Hassan his name would be
Much like an editor to a good book, you guys basically wrote my sim, so I dedicate him to you both

A Big Shout out To: traelia,nene1234,Peppermint,DivoPly,Jessica_2020,EsmeraldaF,Slipslop,JAKINCOL,Bailey Weggins,fabio4ever,Bingo118,mrcfreak54,Telishathompson,varpunen,malfoya,van Dorn,ameenah.n.y,rian90d,heaven,nondstopsims,piggypeach,nesleyswipes,SimRivers,Daluved1and RedCherries. For their honest opinions and support <3

Escape The Bin SeriesNo more Sims need to escape the Bin(at least the ones I like anyways) and I'm finally caught up in my uploads. Now can move on to new projects

Of course I could have uploaded way more than ten sims to MTS by now but it was very important to me that I give you only the best and my most favorite creations.My Quality standards are quite high for myself,and I'm still always look for way to improve and learn.I've grown so much even since this sim was first created.So I thank-you everyone for being patient with that process, and most of all, being patient with me.

Resemblances:At first it was brought to my attention that he resembled Ümit Özat, the Turkish football player and I even unintentionally named him Umit, So funny since I didn't know who that was until that moment and don't watch soccer Now several people tell me he looks like Sylvester Stallone or "like a doctor from a television show like ER or House",I wonder who else he resembles?