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Simple Bathtubs + Bonus Item!

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2012 at 5:26 PM
My favorite part of the house to design for my sims is the bathroom. However, I always end up using the same two EA tubs over and over again because all the other ones are just too...much...for average sims. I picked the elements that I liked the most from those tubs and combined them into my own versions. Check them out!

The Simple Wall Tub

Really and truly this is just a re-do of my Even Cheaper Tub. I made the basin of the tub much, much wider because I felt that the first version was too compact. Also, I added four more slots to the tub and redid the channel layout.

For the most part I think I accommodated for the mapping as best as I could. However there's a little wonkiness near the faucet area but it's not too bad, IMO.

Object Details:
In-Game Name - Simple Stand Alone Tub
Category - Showers and Tubs
Price - 800
Slots - 6
Channels - 4

The Simple Standalone Tub

This is my most favorite tub from the set! I like to think of the tub as a simplified version of that fancy EA rectangular boxy tub. It's made to be a stand alone tub, but also fits snug between walls if you want to go for the built in look.

This was the first mesh that I actually mapped on my own, and I think it came out rather nicely if I do say so myself. Well...with the exception of the basin, but I figured that that area would be mostly solid colors so it doesn't matter too much.

Object Details:
In-Game Name - Simple Standalone Tub
Category - Showers and Tubs
Price - 1000
Slots - 4
Channels - 4

Bonus - A Simple Shower Caddy!

I noticed this caddy in the cheap EA glass shower and I thought it was pretty neat. So I pinched the mesh and made it into a functional one for your sims. It has a full length stand that goes from floor to ceiling. The top tray is deco items that cannot be removed or recolored, however the two bottom trays are empty and have one slot each.

The caddy sits on the corner of a 1x1 footprint for easy placement. You do NOT need cheats to place this object! And, it will not interfere with the tubs or showers that it is placed near. The sim will simply ignore it and carry on with whatever they were doing.

Object Details:
In-Game Name - Simple Shower Caddy
Category - Decor/Accents/Laundry
Price - 20
Slots - 2
Channels - 2

Extra Info:

To ward of the flood of complaints, both tubs were cloned from expensive EA tubs so they'll get the proper moodlet or whatever it is you people seek.

Polygon Counts:
Wall Tub - 991
Stand Alone - 1190
Caddy - 274