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Come Along Pond - Four new outfits for your ladies

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2012 at 11:46 PM
Updated: 8th Aug 2012 at 11:28 AM
Plenty of clothes in the wardrobe, and possibly a swimming pool

This set was inspired by the awesomeness of Sentate's 'Amy' jumper and 'Pond' skirt, which I originally wanted to use for my Amy Pond sim...I wanted to contribute to Amy's wardrobe by making one more outfit, but somehow ended making four. Some parts of meshes and textures are not mine, and shall be credited properly as we go along the post These are not the super exact reproductions of Amy's clothing, and were not intended to be, but I believe they're something she'd wear

The first outfit consists of cute shorts, a shirt with another bit of shirt peeking through and a faux leather jacket. Oh, and millitary boots! The boots and the jacket with shirt are nabbed from Sentate's awesome Boots and Jeans and Casandra Goth's Fall Collection outfits. Thank you, Sentate, for your awesome policy! <3

Second outfit consists of mini skirts and CatOfEvilGenious' Shirt - Thank your the generous policy! <3 The textures were modified from Aikea Guinea's Shirts (no direct link, as their original site is closed), whom I would also like to thank for teh awesome policy <3 The cowboy boots were converted from TS3 by Yuxi, thank you for your policy! <3

Yes, loads of thanking, lots of credits...I know, I know...But, all of these bits were just too awesome and, since the policies are so generous, I had to use them. Bear with me, would ya :P

So, here are two more sets. I had to smash these two pics together in order to fit them inline, but you can find bigger individual pics attached.

The third outfit consists of black rock jacket with a simple shirt, and Sentate's mini skirt. Also, cowboy boots again - yay!

The fourth outfit is made of cute capri pants paired with converse-style trainers, and again, Cat's shirt with Aikea's textures.

Phew, that's it, I think! Oh, right...

Hair Credits:

- Long hair on Amy Pond sim by Nouk
- Short hair on Amy Pond sim by XMSims
- Blond hair, short brown and black hair by Trapping
- Black hair with fringe by Nouk
- Short black hair on the yellow shirt sim by Helga (site closed)

Polygon Counts:
Shorts with boots - 2632
Capris and shirt - 2376
Rock jacket with mini - 2648
Plaid Shirt with mini skirt - 2650

All of these are full body outfits, with fat morphs, and are categorized as "Everyday" clothing. Have fun!

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Milkshape, Wes_H for the plug-ins, and all of the awesome creators of CC bits used on my sims! <3