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"Sunny Summer" - Summer dress for Teens to Adults

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2012 at 7:24 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2012 at 9:48 AM by D3N1ZFTW
Good day
I have made this dress mostly because of 3 reasons. 1 - I just finished school and now I have lots of free time , 2 - I wanted to do a nice dress mesh, 3 - IT'S SUMMER TIME!

About the dress..
This is a casual summer dress, which if you by any chance don't know, is a dress that is something stylish for the girls to wear in hot summer days. Which might be true or false, because I don't know what's modern to wear to day, but whatever. The dress has a nice recolorable flower pattern/stencil/something that is still CAStable (and it has 2 separate channels too!)

As simple as this dress looks, it caused me huge headaches and made me want to throw myself through the window 3 times this week. There were ugly seams issues at first on the legs and hands, but once I fixed it with the help of a few MTS users, that I am going to name in the 'Additional Credits' section later, another issue has popped out! SNAP. Okay, there was a really ugly gap between the foot and the leg, but with more help of the MTS users I fixed it! Can you see people? Believe it or not, such a simple dress can make somebody throw himself out of a window!

Young Adult and Adults


Important info:
- Dress is available for Teens, Young Adults and Adults
- You must be out of your mind if you think this dress is for males.
- Dress is available in Everyday, Formal and Career (adults only!) category
- 3 recolorable channels - 1 for the overall dress and 2 for the flower pattern/stencil/something that I found on deviantart. (picture with details included)
- Morphs and breast slider capable (picture with details included)
- 3 styles included (picture with details included)

I hope you like this dress! Comments, thanks and critique (only constructive!) is welcomed

PS: As ugly as this dress is, please don't redistribute

Custom Content Credits:

Polygon Counts:
3828 polygons for Adult and Teen meshes

Additional Credits:
- EXTREME thanks to Elexis, traelia, CmarNYC and Bloomsbase! Without them this dress would have never seen the light of the day
- The usual Creation Chat people
- Mouritsa at deviantArt for making such awesome flower texture/patterns