More Slots!: Base Game Bookshelves

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2012 at 1:57 PM
Updated: 30th Jun 2012 at 6:01 PM by SIMul8rReviews
Ever need more space for your collectibles or just want a place to store needless stuff in your house without making it look trashy? Good! Because you've come to right place These bookshelves no longer have those useless books on their shelves.. instead, they will have whatever you put on them! Whether small, medium, or large. These bookshelves also seem to complement the area around them a lot better without all of those books stacked up on them.

Reminder: This is not a mod; they are new objects. They are not default replacements, which leaves the originals still available. (They cannot be defaults because their poly counts have been altered, just if you were wondering.)

You may be wondering, but the slots on every bookshelf allow full rotation of objects! You can place any item that is small, medium, or large.

Record Scratch waaaittt.. what about the other two base game shelves? A: You can find those here and here

Fun note: These are still usable bookshelves. You can add any books you like and the form of the bookshelf will not be altered! Don't worry about the geostates, they have been adjusted to where no matter how many books you add, your objects and bookshelf will not be altered.

Helpful Hint: If you find it hard to place the objects on the bookshelves; zoom in to the spot that you want to object and try placing it again. It seems to get a little less frustrating when you do that

Update *6/27/12*: Poly counts were incorrect; they have been updated to the correct amount.
NamePricingRecolorable ChannelsSlotsPolygons (High~Low)
Colonial Bookshelf$980122532~498
Country Bookshelf$430229241~218
Country Medium Bookshelf$175131488~466
Mission Bookshelf$350212583~557
Modular Bookshelf$710144500~428
Library Bookshelf$325145180~162
Traditional Bookshelf$1650145700~682

For all objects, navigate to Shelves>Displays and then filter custom content.

Photo Credits
Shelf Clutter Pack (20 Items!) by cmomoney. I recommend this if you want to spice up the shelves even more!

Polygon Counts:
*Polys are listed in table.*

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop and your fancy geostate editor!, S3PE, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Milkshape 1.8.5