Dr. Who - The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2012 at 12:04 AM
Updated: 10th Jul 2012 at 1:10 AM

More Doctor Who sims! I actually planned to do Rory and River, but FreakAboutSims asked if I'll be doing Nine and Rose...I wasn't sure if I would, cause I didn't really plan to, but I re-watched a few Nine episodes and I thought it would be fun to try and sim these two I know most people prefer Ten and Eleven over Nine, but I really liked Christopher Eccleston's Doctor - he was a bit darker and perhaps not quite as funny, but he was just as awesome (and gotta love that accent!), it's a shame he left after only one season. Anyway, now you can have all NuWho Doctors in your game - yay! Hope Nine and Ten won't fight over Rose, though...might wanna clone her, just in case.

The Doctor

"Rose... before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I!"

The Ninth Doctor comes to you with a base game outfit recolor and the hair is a recolor of the mesh that comes with Pets. The sim will work fine if you don't have Pets EP, but you'll have to pick a different hair, unfortunately. The shirt uses texture from Fanseelamb's v-neck sweaters - thank you for the policy, lambie!

Rose Tyler

"Every conversation with you just goes mental. There's no one else I can talk to. I've seen all that stuff up there. The size of it. And I can't say a word. Aliens and spaceships and things. And I'm the only person on planet Earth who knows they exist. {A spaceship screams by overhead.} Oh, that's not fair."

Rose was a great character, she's one of my favorite companions in fact. She and The Doctor were so awesome together. But I gotta say, I liked Rose/Nine a wee bit more than Rose/Ten. It's also worth noting that these two sims fell totally in love during the photoshoot for this upload - so cute.

Her hair - For the hair you absolutely need Nouk's mesh. Thanks for the lovely mesh, Nouk :D
Her clothes - Rose's top is a simple recolor of Fansee's awesome untuckable hoodie and the bottom is by HystericalParoxysm - you need the files named Bottoms-SlouchypantsBoots-Untucked.rar and MESH_AF_B_SlouchypantsBoots.rar.

Both of the sims' faces were modified in Milkshape quite a bit and all ages and both genders were modified as well.

Custom Content by Me:
- Rose Tyler
- Rose Eyebrows - Ephemera edit
- Rose Lip Overlay
- Forehad anti-shine Normal
- Rose Nosemask
- Lipstick
- Blush
- Chin Shadow
- Rose Hair Nouk Recolor
- Rose Hoodie - Fansee recolor
- The Ninth Doctor
- Nine Brows
- Chin Dimple
- Jaw Shadow
- Nose shadow
- Forehead blush
- Cheek Hollow
- Stubble
- Nasolabial folds
- Nines Nosemask
- Nine mole
- Nine Hair
- Nine Outfit

Custom Content Included:
- Eyes by CuriousB
- Lashes by Anva
- Eyeshadow by Ephemera
- Teeth by Pooklet
- Blush by Sumse
- Rensim - Blush - Circonflex Anti-Shine by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Nose Bulb 2 by Rensim
- Liner by Alfred Askew
- Eyeshadow by jessi
- Skintone by Needlecream
- Eyes by JoanneDyer
- Shadow by SimpleLife
- Eyebags by Alfred Askew
- Mouthcorners by SLU
- Wrinkles by simplelife
- Brow shadow by simplelife
- Alfred "28" Third Eyebag by Alfred Askew
- Alfred "28" Lower Eyelid by Alfred Askew
- Lips by Lilith
- Rensim - Facekit - Teeth, Eyebags, Lashes by Rensim
- Sclera by Anva
- Jaw shadow by SLU
- Mouth Corner by Tifa
- NasalLabial Fold 2 by Alfred Askew
- NasalLabial Fold 1 by Alfred Askew
- Forhead Wrinkles by Alfred Askew

Additional Credits:
Extremely big thankyou goes to the lovely people from Creator Feedback Forum - Nekoyami, Phycorax, Sluggish, Orianeeuh and Malfoya - without you I never would've finished these two sims. Thank you for the help, encouragement and patience <3

Big thanks to all of the lovely creators whose CC I've used on my sims <3