"Hell Bunny" - 3D Laced Corset Set for Females

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2012 at 3:25 PM
Updated: 13th Aug 2012 at 10:50 AM
Hiya there!

After 4 days of fighting with my Sims 3 game, which crashed every 5 minutes due to the incompatibility with Crossfire technology, I was finally able to make some pictures for this upload. YAY!

After making this set, I finally realized how hard is to make proper clothes for Sims 3 (actually, a lot harder than hair). I'm not talking about those poorly made junk with the random clothing picture snapped on a Sim's body (too bad the web is filled with stuff like this). It makes me laugh when people say that they spend hours on those items, when the actual meshed clothing can take months and more to make.

So yeah, I spent about 4 months on this set, trying to make it as best as Sims 3 possibilities can let me. This set is inspired by the awesome Hell Bunny clothing line. I fell in love with that brand after my first corset from them, so now I bring you this Simmified set of corsets. All corsets have 3D double lacing on the back and other meshed details on them, there will be more Hell Bunny clothing from me in the future.

Do not reupload to the other sites without permission!

This set contains 3 corsets:

V1 with the bow in the front.
V2 with the bow in the front and ruffles at the top and bottom.
V3 is the "clean" version, without the bow and ruffles.

Basic information:

- Corsets can be found in CAS/Tops for females, young adult and adult.
- All of them can be used in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear and Career clothing categories (looks good on Showtime performers).
- Morphs states and breast slider capable.
- All styles shown are included.
- Custom thumbnails included.

Recolorable channels:

- V2 has 4 channels: Body, Lining, Lace on the back, Bow in the front.
- V2 has 4 channels: Body, Lining and Lace on the back, Ruffles, Bow in the front.
- V3 has 3 channels: Body, Lining, Lace on the back.

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