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5 EA Glasses with Recolourable Lenses for Teen to Elder

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2012 at 8:48 PM
Updated: 15th Aug 2012 at 10:04 AM by EsmeraldaF - Just change of thumbnail pic
Here is a set of five EA base game glasses and sunglasses modified to have recolourable lenses. I chose these particular ones, and whether to make them clear or sunglasses, because they were the ones that looked the best with the modifications, and the modifications really do make these glasses more attractive and versatile. They do not replace the original versions.

They are all enabled for both male and female, and are for Teen to Elder. They're in the Glasses section in CAS, and you can quickly tell which have the clear lenses and which have the sunglass lenses because the caption on the thumbnail is in red print for the clear lenses, and in green for the sunglasses.

First, the Rectangle glasses as sunglasses, and the Half-Rim glasses as clear lenses:

The Designer glasses were originally only for ladies, but I find they make a good set of specs for your more flashy and blingy male sims, say with gold lenses and black trim as below, so they are now enabled for both:

And next, the Half-Rims as sunglasses and the Senior Shades with recolourable lenses. I never particularly liked the Senior Shades, but now find that they look actually quite good with colour lenses:

(Female model's hair in above pic is by XM Sims: http://www.xmsims.com/sims3/ehtm/fhair/fhair007.html )


There are two different techniques depending on whether the lenses are clear or shades.

For the clear glasses, the strongest colour is obtained by setting the brightness slider in CaST all the way to the left (brightest) and the colour to its strongest and most saturated. The further to the right you move the brightness slider, the more the colour will fade. The clear Half-Rims only have a delicate tint, so you will probably want to just keep it on the brightest setting, while the Designers take a stronger tint and you can adjust that to your liking.

For the shades, they have an interesting versatile effect depending on where you place the brightness slider. To use them as regular shades, set the brightness slider to almost, but not full, black, just so that the colour still shows. If you move the slider to the left, the lenses will start to take on a glow-in-the-dark effect and will become more opaque and shiny in daylight as well. In the pic below, you can see how the different slider settings affect the glow. This can make the shades useful for Sci-Fi types of sims as well as regular humans - looks particularly good on the Senior Shades as below.

UPDATE: I've now also added recolourable clear versions to my Frameless Rectangular Glasses http://www.modthesims.info/d/382029 and my Small Round Glasses http://www.modthesims.info/d/443662 . Both of these are a light tint effect like the clear Half-Rims above.

Thank you for looking, hope you'll find these useful!


Unzip the .zip file(s), and copy the .package file(s) to your Mods\Packages folder. For each item, you only need the one file for both men and women, as it is enabled for both.

If you don't have a Mods\Packages folder and/or don't know how to install .package files, please see full instructions here: http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php...g_Package_Files

Polygon Counts:
Total count for frames + lenses:

Half-rims 798

Rectangle 742

Designer 756

Senior 550

Additional Credits:
Made with CAS Texture Unitool http://www.modthesims.info/d/364926

Thanks to EA for the Showtime helmet with the recolourable visor, the examination of which enabled me to finally figure out how to make recolourable lenses