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Dark Lord Ganondorf

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2012 at 7:32 PM
Updated: 8th Oct 2012 at 11:12 PM
A great evil now walks the Earth, in Sims 2!
Will you help this evil man rule your neighborhoods and succeed in his plans for world domination? or will you stop him? Will Ganondorf find a change of heart and live a normal life? or will he continue to be an evil menace and threaten lives of many sims? That is for you to decide!

Ganondorf the main antoganist of The Legend of Zelda Series has been siminized by me Simdrew1993
This sim is based on Ganondorf's Zelda Twilight Princess Look, along with his Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearance.
Considering the fact my Ganondorf is a Sim, it was difficult and impossible to get him to resemble the real Ganondorf 100% due to sims having limitations.
I have been working on him since October 2010. I realized it would have been a selfish action keeping him for just myself.

Please don't re-upload or re-distribute Ganondorf anywhere!

"THESE MESH'S ARE REQUIRED" for Ganondorf to properly show up.

generalzoi's Cloak cape mesh http://www.modthesims.info/d/128422

Taure's Batman cape mesh http://www.modthesims.info/d/381549

Long Black Nails mesh and long black nails by shadylady482 http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=190393

The Triforce of Power mesh by TheJim07 http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=327585

Ganondorf hair, Coris hair mesh, Male Hair with a Hairband, http://blog.daum.net/saublog/8

"That is all, list of required mesh's end here."

His Full name is Ganondorf Dragmire

Race is Gerudo, he has a dark green skin with Gold fiery eyes, he was once known as the Gerudo king of thieves.

If you don't know who Ganondorf is you can learn about him from these links.





Quotes of Ganondorf:

Ganondorf Quotes were listed on the (IMDb) Internet Movie Database

Quotes by Nintendo and Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002) (VG)
[in Ganon's room at Forsaken Fortress]
Ganondorf: It's been a while, boy. You have done well to sneak into my fortress and wriggle your way all the way up here. I suppose the least I can do is commend you for your reckless courage. My name is Ganondorf... And I am the master of Forsaken Fortress.
[Link cries out in surprise]
Ganondorf: By the way, boy... When you drew that sword of yours out of its pedestal... Did you by chance notice how all the monsters frozen in time down there suddenly began stirring again? Do you understand precisely what that means?... I highly doubt you do. Foolish child. While that sword is indeed the blade of evil's bane, at the same time, it has long played another role... You see, it is also a sort of key... a most wretched little key that has kept a seal on me and my magic intact! By withdrawing the blade, you have broken that seal...
[Link's eyes grow wide - he lunges for Ganon with the Master Sword and is quickly deflected - Ganon draws his own sword]
Ganondorf: You cannot defeat me with a blade that does not sparkle with the power to repel evil! What you hold is useless. Go back to the world below, and tell that to the pathetic fools who made this blade! Its power is gone, and its edges are dull!

[Inside Ganon's room at Ganon's Tower]
[Link walks cautiously toward a bed surrounded in drapery and sees that Zelda is lying in the bed, with Ganon sitting next to her]
Ganondorf: Do you sleep still? Wait! Do not be so hasty, boy... I can see this girl's dreams... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas... None can swim across them... They yield no fish to catch... What did the King of Hyrule say?... That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule?
[Ganon laughs]
Ganondorf: How ridiculous... So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool... What they can possibly hope to achieve? Don't you see? All of you... Your gods destroyed you! I have been waiting for you, boy. For one like you... Yes... For the hero.
[Ganon laughs]
Ganondorf: Do not betray my expectations.

[Out on the roof of Ganon's tower. Link is ready with weapon in hand to meet Ganon who is now gazing off into space, lost in thought]
Ganondorf: My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing... Death. But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin. I coveted that wind, I suppose. It can only be called fate... That here. I would again gather the three with the crests... That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder... That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down... The power of the gods... The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted! Already, the crest of wisdom is mine... All that remains...
[the crest of courage glows on the back of Link's hand]
Ganondorf: [Ganon attacks]

Ganondorf: The wind... it is... blowing...

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) (VG)
Ganondorf: YOU... CURSE YOU ZELDA... CURSE YOU SAGES... CURSE YOU LINK! Someday when this seal is broken, that is when I will exterminate your descendants. As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand!

[about Link]
Ganondorf: I underestimated that boy. No... it was not the boy I underestimated, it was the Triforce of Courage.

[after Link tries to stop Ganondorf from reaching Zelda and Impa, Ganondorf attacks him]
Ganondorf: Pathetic little fool! Do you realize who you're dealing with? I am Ganondorf and soon I will rule the world!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) (VG)
Ganondorf: Welcome to my castle.

Ganondorf: Do not think that this ends here... the history of light and shadow will be written in blood!

[after being beaten by Link in a battle on horseback, then being thrown off the horse]
Ganondorf: [to Link] An impressive looking blade... but nothing more.

End of quotes.

My Impression of what i'd think Ganondorf would sound like if he spoke and was voiced http://youtu.be/YGJ-tRAQ2Vs?hd=1 if you like it be sure to click the like button, thanks I'd appreciate it.

For the best Ganondorf Sims experience

I highly recommend these hacks

No Reagents needed for Spells. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=299368

Casting neutral spells doesn't change your alignment. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=408559

Longer Tempus Interruptus (Freeze time) http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=384848

No more magic aura for witches and warlocks. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=299567

Normal Skin for Good and Evil Witches (REALLY FIXED - Finally! 07 Sept 08!) http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=299163

And weapons that can be downloaded http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title....2C_and_Weapons

Also a Zelda fan orchestration company named ZREO has re-created some of Zelda's soundtracks and allows free downloads of most their work, so you could download these Mp3's and place them in your game here's a link: http://zreo.perix.co.uk/


"Other Armor and capes will be uploaded separately"

Download comes with Standard Black Armor and Super Smash Brothers Brawl (SSBB) Black Cape and Zelda Twilight Princess (TP) Red Cape

The Armor uses a custom Armor BodyBuilder Mesh, which I've included.

Custom Content I used

Realistic Skintone by thesimssi2 http://www.modthesims.info/member/thesimssi2 I recolored it and made it into Ganondorf's skin.

GeneralZoi's Cloak mesh http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=128422

Taure's Batman Cape http://www.modthesims.info/d/381549

CrownMed crown mesh by biene on www.sim2-fashion.de

Direct link to the crownmed crown http://www.all-about-style.com/other.html

Bodybuilder Knight mesh by Marvine http://www.insimenator.org/index.php/topic,13780.0.html

simenroute (SER) for eye sparkles http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...4;sa=showTopics

Face kit wrinkles by simplelife http://simplelife.chagasi.com/

And the hair mesh can be found here, created by Coris http://blog.daum.net/saublog/8

Lunar Eclipse's Mirador earrings http://www.modthesims.info/d/295583

Long Nails mesh by shadylady482 http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=190393

EyeKit Layerable effects by sugarandCaffeine http://www.modthesims.info/d/373336

Rensim for facekit http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=1018914

Eyebags by GE http://www.modthesims.info/member/Teru_K

And Thanks to Marvines new policy, I have included the BodyBuilder Armor and skin mesh's
Thank you Marvine!

And I have also included the crown mesh, and included a link back to their site and their sites Yahoo Group,
as well as the crowns original mesh policy text document which states that it must be included if used on other websites such as here on MTS.
Credits to Biene for making such a great crown mesh and for this great policy, Thank you Biene.

Bodybuilder and crown mesh's are all in one folder.


I have also included the earrings recolor that I made, and the mesh, they are a blue color with a little bit of silver.

They will act as a default replacement of Lunar Eclipes's purple earrings but if these are removed from your downloads then the purple ones will show up again.
You can't have both at once.

WARNING! Ganondorf may exibit strange unusual evil sim behavior and try to take over your neighborhoods, use at you own risk!

With Sim Ganondorf you can recreate the Legend within The Sims 2, will the Legend finaly end? will Ganondorf take over the Earth and rule Sim City forever? or will Link and Princess Zelda stop him, it's entirly up to YOU!

Also credit to rockxxshow for Links tunic and hat along with tommytiger for the mesh's and medrops for the weapons of Link
and credit to GnatGoSplat for Zelda, I've added a few additional Screenshots in the Download folder Dark Lord Ganondorf, and one screenshot has Zelda in it along with my Link Sim fighting Lord Ganondorf.

"Creator notes"

Simdrew1993: Be very careful with Ganondorf he's shown new Sim AI behavior that I've never seen any other sims do or express before, and I'm afraid maybe since I spent so much time working on making Ganondorf maybe he got more and more evil somehow, he likes to do evil things autonomously, he likes to attack random people even if he doesn't know that person, he loves making people cry and doing anything to upset someone no matter the consequences, he makes evil faces and acts like he can see you through your monitor or screen, he pokes people obsessivly and when that person stops to cry he stands and waits and then continues to do so, or sometimes it's with slapping, he does not need to be commanded to do evil and unscrupscious things, he acts on his own. He can disobey an order and cancel it out and continue to anger you sometimes as long as he gets what he wants, but he does this very rarely, I've tried testing Ganondorf with a nice personality and he can still show his evil sometimes. He never seems to get along with more than one of himself either, if their are more of him it's like a war, and they fight to be the last Ganondorf standing. WHATEVER YOU DO! don't go to the bathroom or leave the game unpaused, I went to the bathroom once and came back and my Link sim was a pile of ashes, I was wondering HEY!? WHY CAN'T I CONTROL MY LINK SIM??? and then I was like where is he? and then I seen he was destroyed! so I exit the lot without saving, people seem to dies mysteriously a lot with Ganondorf in my game, I don't know if this will happen in anyone elses's games but BEWARE! just in case. make sure to pause the game if you go anywhere, Ganondorf has a mind of his own, If you don't believe me that's fine, but maybe you'll find out for yourself.

Be sure to show some appreciation for the Great King Of Evil and Dark Lord Ganondorf, Sim version, by clicking the ("thanks button") your a great person if you do!

Custom Content by Me:
- Ganondorf Red Cape
- SSBB Ganondorf Hair
- SSBB Ganondorf Eyebrows
- SSBB Ganondorf Beard
- Face Preset
- Ganon brows by Figs Edit by Simdrew1993
- Beard by ShineShine Edit by Simdrew1993
- Ganondorf Eyes by Simdrew1993
- Ganondorf's Standard cape
- Ganon Headress by Figs
- Ganondorf's Skin originally made by thesimssi2 http://www.modthesims.info/member/thesimssi2 recolor by Simdrew1993
- Hair Recolor by Figs then re-textured by Simdrew1993
- Dark Lord Ganondorf Armor by Simdrew1993
- Ganondorf Earrings
- Ganondorf Earrings

Custom Content Included:
- wrinkles...can be combined by Ren at http://www.modthesims.info/member/Ren
- ser - eye sparkles by Simenroute at Insimenator.org
- Eyekit Reflection by sugarandcaffeine by sugarandcaffeine at http://www.modthesims.info/member/sugarandcaffeine
- Eyekit Medium pupils by sugarandcaffeine http://www.modthesims.info/member/sugarandcaffeine
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Rensim - Facekit - Teeth, Eyebags, Lashes by Ren Ren at MTS http://www.modthesims.info/member/Ren
- ser - lip corner creases by simenroute simenroute at Insimenator.org
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- Makeup FX by Simplelife at http://simplelife.chagasi.com/
- GE-Eyebag-Step02 by Teru_K at MTS http://www.modthesims.info/member/Teru_K
- GE-Eyebag-Step01 by Teru_K at MTS http://www.modthesims.info/member/Teru_K
- Bodybuilder Armor by Marvine and BeosBoxBoy at Insimenator.org
- BodyBuilder Mesh Barbie by Marvine and BeosBoxBoy at Insimenator.org
- Bodybuilder Mesh Barbie by Marvine and BeosBoxBoy at Insimenator.Org
- Eclipse's Earrings Mesh by Lunar Eclipse at MTS http://www.modthesims.info/member/Lunar Eclipse
-Biene's Golden Crown/CrownMed1 mesh http://www.all-about-style.com/other.html
http://gamesource.groups.yahoo.com/...StyleClearance/ AllAboutStyle's Yahoo Group

Additional Credits:
Credit's To the Simmers that helped me.

Figs- With her help, I was able to make Ganondorf what he is now, her talent and words of advice are something no one should ever refuse, she helped me immensly, she created his forehead Gerudo Jewel, created the Eyebrow mesh, and helped with the hair textures.

ShineShine- She helped create the beard textures, then I finsished the beard off myself and added lots of detail. She was willing to help me with the beard when nobody else would.

Eliskuya In Darkness- He gave me feedback on Ganondorf's hair while I was still trying to create the right texture detail, and helped by giving opinions.

Simdrew1993- I edited everything, and finished the final textures of the hair, the brows, and the beard, and retextured everything to complete Ganondorf as best as I could.

I created the eyes, I actually drew them, so they were hand drawn in photoshop by me.

I created the skin, it was a mixture of a few old skins that are of retired creators, such as Jirka/TheSimssi2, and the bodybuilder skin mesh by Marvine was used with it, to make Ganondorf appear strong, here's a link to the thesimssi2 the original creator of the skin mesh that I recolored http://www.modthesims.info/member/thesimssi2

Extra credit to rockxxshow for Links outfit and tommytiger for links tunic and hat mesh's, and medrops for Links weapons and my Hyrule knight armor all in one of the pictures. Navetsea's F-IN evo 5 Default Skin Replacement and spikesminx's DEFAULTS - Eye Love by Yumedust which are in 2 pictures. And Phantom7 she is a custom texture designer not for Sims 2 but for Zelda, credit to her for her HD texture pack which I used in most of the pictures, she allows her work to be re-distributed freely as long as proper credit is given to her. It took me several hours to find all information of the original mesh creators, but I am 100% certain they are all now listed in the credits.

I hope Everyone enjoys Ganondorf for as much hard work, effort and time I put into making him. If you think I did good, please remember to click the Thanks button and feel free to comment