Fen Lodge

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2012 at 3:07 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2012 at 4:13 PM - referenced to a fixed file in Build set
A good sign. The air is still.
Sun warms my body. The air is chill.
And I , like a sponge, am once again soaking up the life forces of the swamp.
~Lois Crawford

Fen Lodge

This lot started out as a little 4x4 piece of building, with some fancy CFE'd walls on the sides. I was not sure if I liked what I had done, but I continued to grow it in to a house. At some point I came to decision that the CFE'd floortiles (that I had used at the time) looked like crap, and got this idea of BEAMS. So, I re-CFE'd the whole thing, took me quite a bit, but I really liked the result so I think it was worth the time.

Yep, this lot is by far my absolute favorite of what I've ever built. Quite a bit said, I know. But, enough of the ramble, let me introduce you to the lot. :D

The house sits in the middle of a swamp. You can use it in any world, but it looks best in the Twinbrook swampy area, where there is fog and lots of scrubby trees. The lot I destroyed to build it is called: March Mansion, on 153 Herschel's Pond road.

The main features on the exterior are the slanted beams, huge amount of bushes, little stones, and the terrainpaint. There are some common fish in the puddle, moths should spawn at some point of game, and then there are fireflies that come out at night (please save the game and reload it if you get a ton of fog instead!).

The house can hold up to 6 sims. First floor has an entrance hall, small livingroom with games, kitchen, dining and a small reading nook, guest bedroom and a bathroom. There is also a wee tiny laundry room, clothes line at the back as well as some room to have bbq.

Second floor has a small hall, master bedroom with master balcony, nursery, a child/teen bedroom with a balcony, a bathroom.

There are some pictures attached to this upload, though I'm deeply sorry for the collaged images.

I have 56 pictures of the lot itself, pics of default location with fog, pics without fog, pics on different times of day, pics of interior (you can see them all here), and it was SO HARD TO CHOOSE :D

There is CC included!
I've made some terrainpaint recolors for my game, cause I don't like the highly saturated EA paints too much. This lot is the first I'm letting them loose on the world, too. I might upload them along with all other paints I've made for my CAW projects, but for now...

... there are 11 terrainpaints included in this upload. They can all be found under terrainpaints (obvious, huh?) and cost nothing.

So, what do you need to download?:
The lot file of course
armiel_Fen Lodge.rar

The terrainpaints

Build set Basic Columns and Roofing fences by me, here

Please note that without these CC items, the lot will look nothing alike. I also did use some mods while building, as usually, so please see the thanksies.

Games and game version required:
You will need Base Game and Ambitions to use this lot, with Base Game version of 1.36 or newer.

Lot size and prices:
Size - 40x40
Furnished - 76037
Unfurnished - 47701

This is becoming a habit, but thanks for Buzz for all the feedback, and of course the amazing Builder stuff.
Velocitygrass for the Stencil removal mod.
Granthes for the Curtain mod.

Ella, thanks for testing!
HP told me to put that streetlight there, good idea, thanks!
People at Creation chat, and all other who I showed the lot, thanks for the comments