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Jericho [Pets/ Showtime Version]- Supernatural/Seasons Lot updates 26 Dec 2012

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2012 at 4:39 AM
Updated: 20th Dec 2015 at 8:28 PM
Supernatural/ Seasons Lot updates

"Dreams flow across the heartland
Feeding on the fires
Dreams transport desires
Drive you when you're down -

Dreams transport the ones
Who need to get out of town"

Neil Peart, Middletown Dreams

Click for movie

This is a new version of Jericho , updated with Pets and Showtime Venues.

Jericho Story

There has been a settlement along the Kaen-Garen River for as long as anyone can remember. The Old Town of Jericho was a sleepy place, caught in the past, drifting along quite happily in its own little world.

Until one day, someone constructed a big red bridge across the Kaen-Garen, and a new City sprung up on the other bank. Newcomers moved in, and the people of Old Town found themselves invaded by a new way of life. They were not happy!

Will Old and New Jericho unite, or will their differences ever hold them asunder?


For more images, click here.
A map of Jericho can be seen here.
Images of my game here.
Some images showing Seasons in Jericho here.


Jericho is unpopulated.

I have the sims I made for Jericho and other worlds available in my studio. Get them from my page here! The sims specifically created for Jericho are labelled 'Jericho', but of course you could use any of my sims.

If you like the sims, I would be grateful if you could click 'recommend' on the exchange download page, as this will help to ensure that EA do not purge these assets when cleaning up the site.

World Information

Map Size: Large 2048X2048

World Type: Suburb

Game Requirements: Basegame 1.36, WA-LN-AMB-GEN-PETS-SHT Riverview (non-decrapified) is also required.

Yes, you do need ALL of the EPs listed! Jericho will not work without them.

Installation Instructions:

Alternative Download Link:

Create-A-World files for Jericho

Techy Stuff- please read before posting:

Credits and thanks

Please see the first few posts for more details and images of lots you will find in this world. Please read everything on this page if you experience glitches, and before you post feedback.

Thank you for downloading, I appreciate all comments and feedback!