Resources for Moonlight's various Fixes

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2012 at 9:29 PM
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What is this?
The fixes for the mystical world of Moonlight Falls that came with the Supernatural Expansion Pack. As explained in the Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki, the worlds that come with the game(s) usually have broken routing, and Moonlight Falls is not exempted from this. Yes, there's still broken routing in EA's 7th Expansion's world file. This Download offers a way to fix that broken routing.

If you have never read that wiki article before, I suggest to read it first and then come back to this Download. Everything is explained there because I had to repeat the Instructions for many worlds. So, instead of repeating myself (for the 7th time, as this is the 7th EP, actually 9th if you count the WA ones separately)...I wrote a Wiki article.

If you would like to have the .world file, that would come in a week or so...after I gather feedback on this one, in case I need to redo things. If you don't know what I meant to get a .world file, yes, how did you guess? Please read the Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki FAQ!

What has been done?
  • the yellow spots (in the "Dotted" image) denote areas where the disjointed white routing lines, Sim non-routable and Camera non-routable painting have been repainted over. In the picture below these spots are shown with Yellow dots.
  • This is the Before and After pictures of the 2 areas depicted in the map in Pink, where I've moved some railings back from the roads. When the railings were too close, the routing splines get broken up and the result is vehicles simply vanish when they reach the spot, and there was a slight stutter on my machine when that happens. After the railings were moved, the routing splines are more evenly spaced out, with no gaps at all.
  • There's no disconnected road in Moonlight Falls (that I can find). If I missed it, do let me know with an image
  • This corrected Road Intersection is not really necessary. But I needed a visual way to tell if the fixed resources have been imported, and the fixed world is "Live" in a new game or your Save games.
  • The one singular spot denoted by Red dot - is at the end of a driveway to the Goth Lot. If you can see the intersection has a white line (instead of blank) from Map View, the fix is applied correctly.
  • However, if you don't like this change, I've placed this in a separate 7z file, so the resource is optional.

Heed that backup instructions, really! You've been warned!

How to install?
Please be sure to read and follow the instructions under "Edit in S3PE" in full in Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki
The rest of the info is the same, pretty standard - backup, read and follow instructions to the letter, provide feedback, etc etc. All is in the wiki - READ it!

Download the .zip file and extract all the contents into a temporary folder onto your Desktop, then import all the Resources in S3PE by selecting all files (Ctrl+A).

Resources modified:
  • containing 6 files including moved railings corresponding to the Ploppables layer.
    1. 0x05CD4BB3 UNKN World Routing
    2. 0x05DA8AF6 UNKN World boundaries
    3. 0x03D86EA4 DETL World "lot" information (world)
    4. 0x04A4D951 WDET World Detail
    5. 0x4D1A5589 OBJN objn Object instances
    6. 0x05ED1226 REFS references Reference Store
  • containing 28 files for the new intersection added in front of the Goth's house.
    • 0x9063660E UNKN World Roads & Walkways
    • 0x01661233 0x00000002 MODL scene Object Model (aka Object Geometry)

How to remove or restore the file before updating?
  • Go to this path
    \Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Supernatural\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds
  • Delete the *.world file. Or if you want to reuse it after patching, rename it with a ".fixed" extension, so the filename becomes "Moonlight"
  • Rename the "*.orig" copy by removing the .orig extension (or from whatever you have renamed it to).
  • Delete caches before starting game. Game Help:Sims 3 Delete Cache Fileswiki

As always, feedback is welcomed.
Please report any other areas that you get stuck Sims at that I might have missed. Unless it is on a Lot, which is not within the scope of these fixes.

Notes & Changelog:
As and when I get reports of any issues, or new spots, or patch changes (if any).