**Passion and Poise**-The Costume Leotard Collection

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2012 at 9:48 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2013 at 1:04 AM

I AM SO BUSY! I started university, and now I have absolutely NO free time! doesn't that suck? I've had this in body shop for so long, I was hoping to make 5 leotards, but, I don't see myself getting any time to do that in the near future, so I decided to upload the three that I did finish! :D

ANYWAY, back to the leotards. As I said before there are three different types: Dance, Gym and Ice Skating. Each of them has the same three recolours. The mesh was made using HP's Alpha Dress Top as a base. Thanks HP for making it, and for your awesome policy!! Also too I had asked permission from a creator to use their skates so I wouldn't have to make my own (me being lazy lol), but they never replied, so I had to anyway. :P

The three recolours are the Red Thorn, Blue Lightning and Flower Burst Leotards. I think yall can guess which one is which.
Here's the Dance:

The Gym:

and the Ice Skating (which is a different mesh for obvious reasons :P):

There is a Fat Morph for the both meshes, and I usually use that for my screenshots, but I'm so pressed for time I just grabbed some sims from my bin and started snapping lol.

Oh and IMPORTANT: don't expect your sims, when they're wearing the ice skating mesh to go gliding around like they're on ice! the mesh is just that, a mesh, it doesn't alter the behaviour of the sims in anyway. Meaning, they'll walk like normal, and if you put it on ice, you'll get double skates!! simply put: the ice skates mesh is mainly for posing/picture taking!

I intend to make more of these one day....when I get time.... sigh....

The poses you see here are (mostly :P) mine, there's one from Screaming Mustard's "Swan" posebox (the Red Thorn Ice Skater), and I hope to include them in the gymnastics box if I ever get that animation thing sorted out.

Well that's it! have fun with it!

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