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USCC: Storybook Build Set Recolors in Pastel Green, Baby Blue, and Lavender

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2012 at 1:14 AM
Updated: 25th Sep 2013 at 3:14 AM
I always felt like the purple was too dingey, and that it didn't go with the other colors. Neither did the blue/gray/white thing. So I redid them and added green for good measure. I was going to do orange, but I decided against it. However, if enough people particularly want orange (AKA, there's demand), I shall do it. Enjoy! I hope to hear from you in the comments! (A compliment really makes my day, even if it's just a plain thanks.)

'Tis part of the Ultimate Storybook Completor Collection. Here are the other parts of the set.
-Sims99Fanatic kitchen set-
-Lights to match everything-
-Recolors of her kitchen set to match my build set-
-The first set of walls and floors I made-
-OfB shelves-
-Beds and bedding-
-Shorter windows-
If you have an idea on a good mesh to use for another part of the set, please let me know! Your ideas and comments are much appreciated!

So, here's the info!

Storybook Window- Huge:
("The Looky-Nook")
Build Mode> Doors&Windows> Windows
Price: 350 Simoleons

Storybook Doors:
("Storybook Door by Adventure Carpentry")
Build Mode> Doors&Windows> Doors
Price: 235 Simoleons

Storybook Window- Big:
("Fluer de Glee Stencil Pane Double")
Build Mode> Doors&Windows> Windows
Price: 265 Simoleons

Storybook Window- Small:
("Fluer de Glee Stencil Pane")
Build Mode> Doors&Windows> Windows
Price: 205 Simoleons

Storybook Stairs:
("Flight of Fancy in Purple *RECOLORABLE by HugeLunatic*")
Build Mode> Staircases
Price: 75 Simoleons
*You'll need HugeLunatic's Recolorable Stairs for this one- http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=366179

Storybook Railings:
("Gelander Railing in _____")
Build Mode> Misc.> Fence Tools
Price: 0 Simoleons

Storybook Columns:
Build Mode> Misc.> Columns
Price: 140 Simoleons

Storybook Connecting Columns:
("Storybook Connecting Column Arches")
Build Mode> Misc.> Connecting Column Arches
Price: 140 Simoleons

Additional Credits:
Sims99Fanatic SimPE PhotoShop
HugeLunatic for their Recolorable Stairs